Hoorays and yays.

Quick Post: Muchas Gracias to ...


Trend Spotting

Yay! My article came out on today's Inquirer, and they plugged in le blog! This is the last one I'm ever going to write as a student. :( Thank you to Martin Romero for the photos, and of course Pat B and Chantal for their amazing sense of style!

CREDO, A CADs Concert

Coming at you on March 5, 6pm at the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre.


My brain is melting.

Aside from the fact that its 33 degrees outside, all these philosophers, numbers, filipino jargon, charts and papers are driving me crazy. I've been staring at them for the past ten hours deciding on whether or not I should start studying or just screw it and go ...


Cheating proportions.

Hello again! I'm trying so much to stop procrastinating, as i was supposed to be done studying for a test... like 3 hours ago. But.... I haven't started! 2 more days, and I'm getting more lethargic by the minute! Whatever, not like they can fail me now. hahaha. I'm sorry ...