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According to a friend, I look like I belong on a Korean bottle of tea. Photo by EDRIC CHEN Clothes by WAGW On Lookbook and Chictopia ------------------------------------------------ Just came from a very delicious interview. Now heading ...


The quirk

"I dream of a better tomorrow...where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned." Photo by EDRIC CHEN Clothes by WAGW

On Discoveries:

Thanks to Chai Martines, Gillian Uang and Hannah Bacalla for convincing me to buy this awesome miracle worker. Its very affordable and very efficient! Just a little dust of this post-make up, and you get an extra dose of glow and soft pearly skin! Try taking a photo before and after application. The difference is astonishing! I've already convinced so ...


Never about that

Photo by Hannah Bacalla Clothes by WAGW Shoes by Michael Antonio HYPE me on Lookbook and Chictopia! My sisters and I are in CDO for the re-openning of our newly renovated store at LimKetKai! Be sure to visit WAGW and WAGW for her MAN this tuesday, cause our ...


The John Mayer experience

Videos soon. xx