Prom make-up

I used:

Sorry for this really short post! Rushing through sooooo many things! (Like feeling horrible about my credit card bill. Kill. me. now.)


Let’s go to PROM!

I gatecrashed a prom last Saturday.

Laureen did too. She hasn’t ever had one, and I thought it would be fun to join in.

Okay okay, kind of unbelievable. Truth is, Laureen, Domz and I were asked to judge the “Best Dressed” award for the Zobel prom.

After what must have been 20 rounds around the gigantic ballroom, we finally chose 5 lovely nominees.

And our favorite gown for the night, worn by this cute Kim Chiu look-a-like!

Here are the male candidates (missing “Kim Chiu’s” date, whom we also chose.) It was sooooo difficult choosing nominees for the guys as most of them dressed in the exact same way!

Aside from our standout favorite, of course, whom we could not include due to some fairness qualifications.

Makati Shang was overflowing with made-up high school students in their evening bests. I had so much fun meeting new people and eating a ton of that impossibly delicious Smoked Salmon. This experience made me miss high school and the carefree lifestyle I had back then. I only wish that those kids make the most out of the last few years/months of their high school lives.

Thank you so much Zobel Prom Committee for having us!

Pre and Post Extant

Backstage, the girls teach me how to put on “creature make-up.” Watch and learn.

The empty theater.

Post show madness.

A huge congratulations to the Company of Ateneo Dancers for putting on a great show!

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