Day to Night Make-up

Sorry for the low Photobooth photo quality, but as per request, here’s how I usually do my make-up. Above photos are for day, and below, for night. During the day, I don on some sunblock, concealer, powder, blush, lip stain and eyeliner. At night, I add on some black and brown eyeshadow, darken my eyebrows, add lipstick and mascara. That’s it! I’m no expert, and I would love to know what you guys think!

SOFA: Fashion Illustration Class and then some

Today, I took a cab for the very first time (gasp!) I’m a sheltered girl, forgive me. I was hurrying to get to Fashion Illustration Class at SOFA, and there, we learned to draw hair.

My teacher drew the images on the board above, and I did the sketches below. I super LOVE Fashion Illustration class. I never thought I had it in me, but I think I’m falling in love with sketching fashion images, especially faces! It kinda feels like putting makeup on people and styling their hair!

I finished my sketches really fast, cause I was super hungry (despite having pasta, a cookie sandwich and a piece of Sam’s to-die-for double fudge cookies!) So, to kill time, I took photos! Found some cute colors and materials around the classroom.

And here’s everyone busily sketching away.

Meet Sam, the cookie God. Trust me, one bite and she had me ordering dozens!

So anyway, the girls decided to have some fresh air, and we stepped outside for some.

Patricia, Alyssa and I above, and Alyssa with her brand new set of wheels below!

SOFA’s a really small school, with really tight parking. I could never ever manage driving out of the parking maze by myself! The car below was like a centimeter away from hitting the wall!

So far, I’m loving fashion school and discovering so much about myself. It’s helping me realize a few things and making me reconsider what I really want to do. I’m still so confused, but glad to have the opportunity to experience all this. Super thanks mom and dad!x




Va Bene Pasta Deli

Good Food:

La Zuppa (Mushroom Soup)

-perfectly blended, loved the color/smell and consistency

-tasted like proper italian mushroom soup, not the canned substitutes

Bread w/dip of the day

-could not stop eating this!

-the tomatoes in the dip were perfectly spiced and were soooo good

Seafood Marinara Taglioloni

-I absolutely love that they used wheat or vegetable pasta, although I think it took away some of the flavour

-seafood was fresh and delicious

-overall a bit too dry

Grape Juice

-fresh and delightful with surprising bits of grape!


Thank you so much to Va Bene Pasta Deli for the mouthwatering meal!

and to Quick Delivery for the no-stress-right-to-my-doorstep service!

Quick Delivery Experience

- Easy, simple steps as always

-CSR was very accommodating and pleasant

-I had to change one of my orders because it wasn’t in stock. The CSR calmly told me to take my time choosing another one.

-I was told it would arrive 60-90 minutes because I wanted it delivered outside that restaurant’s delivery zone. True enough, it arrived 80 minutes after I placed the order.

Va Bene Pasta Deli is located at 2nd Level, Petron Gasoline Station EDSA cor. Arnaiz Avenue, Dasmariñas Village Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. For Metro Manila deliveries, visit or dial 2121212.



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