Love Maegan

I found something that I absoultely adore. Love Maegan. It's another fashion blog, except that aside from the usual outfit posts, she has an awesome DIY segment. Here are some of the awesome things she's made: Inspired from these YSL Cage heels... 3722166421_a2db505319_o She decides to make one herself! (using a leather skirt, who would ...


Who is gogo159?

He sent my sister a message on flickr asking to show me this photo. Radiate Pretty awesome! This was taken during "Radiate", the 15 year anniversary concert for CADs. The guy beside me is my CADs Dad and Aldy-boy. Too bad he doesn't have any other picture of the concert uploaded. Anyone know him? How ...


Blog Lovin'

Blog Lovin’

Lookbook Era

You really have to admire me for my courage. As a joint project with my two beloved sisters, we've decided to make a collaborative effort into finally filling my lookbook account with looks! I've been to shy, and too busy to do so myself! Hence, "Hello, World!" from the Entrepreneur, Photographer and...Dancer. HAHA. I'm not quite sure if lookbook allows three in ones, ...