One for the road

by Patty Mendoza


I know I should really be thinking twice about posting this here, but my chat with a friend a while ago made it seem imperative.

This industry has taught me a few things about life. For instance, it’s common for people to pull you down when they are threatened or jealous of you. A pathetic, petty misunderstanding sets the stage for a series of never ending gossip and backstabbing. We’ve all been there. People will jump at the opportunity to bring you down, either to get on top or to make themselves feel better about not reaching the same heights. It’s also common for successful people to forget their roots and the people who’ve helped them along the way. The success, however limited, blinds them from what’s truly important, and they emerge a totally different person. Most block you off when you don’t make the cut. You’re not talented enough, not interesting enough, not rich enough… and the cincher- no matter how good you are, you’re not popular enough.

The world is a big place. You may be on top one day, and at the bottom the next. You may even think that you’re on top, but on the larger scale of things, you are really no one. Who you are, or who society deems you to be SHOULD NOT really matter. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard. Everyone deserves a chance to make it happen.

No, I’m not bitter, nothing bad happened to me. I just realized a few things.

Whoever I become, whatever I end up doing, wherever I go, I will never EVER be any of those nasty people.

Highlight your hair with kitchen essentials!

So I just found out that you can actually use LEMON JUICE to lighten your hair color naturally.

Isn’t that swell? It’s supposed to make it just a bit lighter, the same shade that comes out when you step under the sun. I’m forbidden to try it on my own locks (because mommy knows best), but I hear it’s totally safe, and a lot of people are doing it including Sam- the cutie from Glee! In case you guys want to try it on for size, heres how:

1.) Get some lemon juice, or make your own.

2.) Spray it on to your locks. You can do it evenly or use a comb to create highlights, its really up to you.

3.) Stay under the sun for about an hour, any longer than that is no good.

4.) Rinse.

5.) Condition.

There you go! Super simple. Just remember to always do numbers 4 and 5. It’s important to rinse and condition so that your hair doesn’t become dry or brittle. You can do this as often as you want. The more you do it, the lighter your hair gets, but overdoing it could cause hair damage.

Below are more fun and natural ways you can highlight your hair!

Choose between Beer, Olive Oil, Chamomile tea or Honey, apply the same steps above et voila!





I hope everyone can support EXTANT with me! It’s the year end concert of my ultimate favorite dance group, the Company of Ateneo Dancers! They’ve been winning competitions left and right, so you can expect the show to be awesome! Hope to see you guys there!!!

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