Whats in my bag and then some.

As requested, I bring you the junk inside my trunk. And yes, I just said that.

Right now, there are 12 things that make up a day in the life of a very heavy tote. Let’s take on some categories: Maquillage- MAC Compact, NARS lipstick; Refreshers- Smint, Evian facial spray, Kiehl’s Hand Salve; Wallets- Kate Spade Cornelia, LV card holder; Electronics- iPad, Lumix LX3, Blackberry Curve; and of course the handy dandy Moleskin and Wayfarers.

Yesterday, I thought it would be smart to carry all these PLUS school stuff PLUS my laptop and charger all together in one big canvas tote. Aren’t I the smartest? Well, if what happened next isn’t obvious enough, I’ll tell you. I had to go around looking for some needle and thread to sew the torn straps back on. Thank God I go to a fashion school where sewing materials are as abundant as Anna Dello Russo’s accessories. (okay, I totally love ADR, so no hate please!)

Aaaand, I kinda had a ton of fun with this whole collage thing, so I have one more for ya:

CAN NOT get my mind of these drool worthy babies. Chanel half-tint shades, idontknowhwatyoucallthis hat, YSL Arty Enamel Ring, Celine Boston Luggage Tote, Prada Woven Platforms, and the love ring. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I WILL eat meat for these impossibly chic pieces of perfection!

One cup at a time

WAGW top and skirt, Charles and Keith Heels
hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

I just have a few random thoughts for everyone right now. My hair is getting really weird, and I have to curl it every morning with a flat iron or tie it up. It still looks pretty decent, but that’s cause I spend 10 minutes styling it in the morning, otherwise, it looks terribly unhappy. I’m seriously considering chopping it all off or re-perming it  soon. Not really sure whether Im up for the change or willing to stick out my 4 year old do’. Also, I’m learning to love color again! Yay me! Feeling a bit festive in this, but hey, its Valentines season!

Thanks to Edric Chen for the amazing photos.

Young Folk, Silly Folk


Laureen and Carlos

Young JV and Cara

Alyssa and I



Me and Nico

David and lovely girlfriend (sorry, I didn’t catch your name!)

Sam and Patrish

Too good to be true dinner from Chelsea

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