Not too hot

Thanks to  for this cute dress.
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Yesterday, my life depended on what I wore and said. And no, it had nothing to do with the fact that it was Valentines Day.

I can’t tell you any of the details yet. I can’t tell you whether or not I did a good job, cause I honestly don’t know. All I’m sure of is that I totally spazzed, and now I can’t stop thinking about what better things I could have said. I half-blame it on the fact that I was (and still am) incredibly out of shape, sick with tremendous amounts of snot and coughing my lungs out every few minutes. There’s a bug going around, and its eaten me alive.

On a totally unrelated note, tomorrow, I am dragging my sick behind to the launching of Young Folk, Silly Folk. Can’t wait to see what the talented duo have been up to!

Also, for those who’ve been asking me what goes on at SOFA, there’s a community blog where students share their everyday SOFA experiences. That could probably answer your questions.

Bushfire Fairytales

Forever 21 cardigan and shorts, dress worn as top, Tyler belt, Michael Antonio heels

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This look was once again inspired by a moodboard I made for Fashion and the Arts class. It’s called “Happy Thoughts” and I took inspiration from the movie Amelie to achieve a quirky representation of a return to innocence. The kind of uncensored, uncorrupted, raw imagination and spunk that children have, before the anyone tells them what to think or do. But I took it down a notch and decided to wear quirky combinations in basic colors. What do you think?

Thanks to Edric Chen for the awesome photos!

No Parking: There’s always time for change.

Stephie Says sheer dress, Topshop Basic inner dress, Michael Antonio Heels
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Photo by Edric Chen

This dress is something FAR from my usual. Although I’d like to think that my style is eclectic, and can change depending on my mood, it still usually stays within certain bounds. If I try to look edgy, it’s always with feminine/androgynous pieces worn comfortably within my style range. I don’t usually wear high socks or black ensembles, let alone such contrasting color combinations such as this. However, I couldn’t resist stepping out of my comfort zone when I received this dress from and these heels from Michael Antonio Philippines. Edric says it’s fun to step out of the box once in a while, and I totally agree. It’s good to mix it up a bit and challenge yourselves once in a while (lest be considered a boring old prude). What do you think?

Also, I received quite a lot of sweet surprises today. Good news is music to my ears. Can’t wait for this fully loaded weekend! Hope everyone has a blast as well!x

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