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Rustic Heritage

WAGW dress, H&M bandeau and heels, F21 necklace

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Thanks to Edric Chen for the photo!

I got a little inspired by this mood-board I made for Fashion and the Arts class. It’s about a city girl who realizes that true happiness lies in the simple things. A return to nature and to easy, effortless and fuss-free living.

The four pantones I chose for my collection are Moss, Oak, Sand and hints of Blush.

I think I may have chosen this theme because I desperately miss Cebu’s relaxed and laid back lifestyle. Or maybe because I was in the midst of a philosophical debate about what to do with my life. Recently, I keep asking myself if I’m satisfied with the way things are. I mean, Life is too short, and you only get one shot at it. Shouldn’t we all be doing something totally HUGE and CRAZY? I mean, I seriously want to do something great. Like end world hunger. Seriously.


Michael Antonio Booties, F21 Top and Shorts

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Photos by Edric Chen

Thanks to Michael Antonio for these cute cute booties!

Hi friends!

Quick post:

I would totally wear this to teach preschool kids. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either.

2 more days til I announce the winner of my SO FAB shoe giveaway! Join now if you haven’t yet!

Also, A happy happy birthday to my dear sister, Jack! She turned 17+3-8*2+1 today!

Lastly, I just got a copy of the Swedish Magazine that featured me. Sooooo cool!



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