Boyfriend Sweater, check!

WAGW For her MAN Sweater, WAGW Skirt, Sole Service Espadrilles

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Here’s another shot from that Sole Service shoot we had months back. I really miss my long hair (and all the energy I had for all these jump shots!)

Dressing like a paradox is nothing new. Here’s one example. Pairing an oversized boyfriend sweater with a short hemmed tulle tiered skirt and some casual espadrilles.  This outfit reminds me of how I used to dress during highschool. Long sleeved tops, short skirts and fun flats were my fail-safe outfit of choice. I’d like to think I’ve outgrown this phase and evolved my personal sense of style, but I guess it never hurts to look back and modernize what you’ve always loved.

First Day and then some.

H&M Cardigan and Shoes, WAGW top, belt and bag, Mango shorts
hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

I wore this to my first day at SOFA, straight from the airport that morning, and another airport the night before. Hence, the strange hair. Many thanks to Patricia P, fellow blogger who I finally met that day, for the photo!

I’ve been super busy, and I haven’t found the time (nor resources) to take outfit shots, so I hope this will do.

Below are some shots I took during Fashion and the Arts class. My little sources of inspiration.

What are some of yours? :)



Nifty little crafts

I’m no interior designer, and I sure as hell don’t know what I’m doing, but here goes.

When I moved back to Manila, my room was absolutely bare. I shipped my truckload of stuff to Cebu, and left little to nothing behind. It’s very uninspiring, and very difficult to call home. I had to do something. Therefore, turing obstacles into opportunities, I decided to start a little home makeover project. It’s nothing big, but hey, it’s a start!

The shelves were empty and the paint was stained from melted candle wax and product dye, so I got a few trend forecasting magazines, some cloth and some tape, and wrapped away. I also found two of my old Tamagochi toys and a Pocket Diary which I decided to use as decoration.

Created some sort bangle display stand for storage.

The walls were really plain and boring, so I got some styrofoam, chose three different types of cloth, and after a few rolls of hardcore double sided tape, voila!

And lastly, my work station. Very pragmatic! Excuse the lampshade standing for my desk light, I still have to go out and buy one!

So there, some very simple ways to improve your room! :)

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