Physically impaired in this fast paced world

WAGW hat, dress and bag; Michael Antonio Heels, F21 necklace

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Photo by Edric Chen, the great!

I’ve been up and running non-stop since 5 AM this morning. Thank God for expresso, cereal as instant meal, trained legs and short bursts of 3-in-1 packs in between. I do not know what I would do without them. Manila, I love you so much, but the City life is making me older! Days are flying by so fast, I can’t even get decent time to chew my meals. Most of today, whilst stuck in traffic, I was imagining a way to inject food into my system without having to sit down and actually enjoy it. It’s sad, really.

But being realistic, we have to consider our options. Most of us have insanely hectic schedules, making our lives a far cry from the ladies who lunch. In this day and age, proper sit-down meals have become a luxury not everyone can enjoy. Thankfully, there is a way for the busy bunch to cope. DELIVERY. It may not be as glamorous or relaxed, but hey, if the food gets there, why not?  Thank God for that new delivery agency, Quick Delivery, that has over 170 restaurants to choose from. Best part is, I heard they’re on promo for the whole month of Feb! If you order off peak (2-5PM), you get a 10% off on delivery for cash payments. Not bad!



Let me tell you

WAGW outfit, Sole Service booties
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Hello from the jolly world of this little skipper. Here’s another photo from the Sole Service shoot I had a few months back. I can’t take my overly awkward and jovial state, so I’m posting the series as slowly as I can. I love the pop of red the shoes bring to the whole outfit. I’m currently in the process of re-learning how to add color to my wardrobe (as I’m sure most of you are as well.) What better way to start than to play with neutrals and add a pop of bright color through your accessories!

Simple Schoolgirl’s Honeysuckle

Mom's cardigan, WAGW tanktop, Topshop skirt

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Mom lent me her honeysuckle pink cardigan, and I matched it up with casual basics to get a simple preppy look. It’s nothing fancy or adventurous, but for lazy work days, it’s easily very wearable.


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