Meet my twin.

Sunday afternoon with Michael, Yanyan and Olga. <3 Thanks to LEA ANN for the awesome photo! Again. haha My brother says that all my friends end up looking like me, one way or another. That's very strange, and yet, at the same time, very true! In highschool, I used to spend most of ...


Summer on hold.

Had a re-shoot with Lea Ann today, so we wont be needing this photo for the feature anymore. I don't know why I decided to wear black on an outdoor shoot, during the summer. haha. Totally inappropriate. But then again, the feature is coming out pre-fall, so hopefully it doesn't ...


Part One.

Hi everyone! Remember this? Gerry of Germany sent me a package a few weeks back. Time for the BIG REVEAL! lol Gerry is a co-lookbook user who became a fan of my looks. He asked me if I was willing to do a collab with him and his new ...



To everyone who's been asking me about my fringe necklace, I got it from Chantal Tee of TELEBASURA! Thanks for the feature <3


Gillian Uang, me, Jaye Borromeo, and Love Quitevis. "Spotted" by Lea Ann for Chalk Magazine's feature on stylish Cebuanas. One of the best things about living in Cebu is being able to spend time with my  favorite girls <3 Thank you Lea! You're absolutely awesome :) BTW, This photo is very SATC!