Gonna come out anyway.

I keep telling myself that I should steer clear of mindless rants. BUT THIS ISN'T MINDLESS!!!!!! OKAY PERSON THAT I REALLY HATE!!!!! Before you start to criticize my work, here's a lesson for you: 1.) Summer does not revolve around BIKINI's and freakin SCARVES! 2.) NOBODY in the right mind would wear a ...


Summer at WAGW

Coming soon. Model: Love Quitevis Photo: Hannah Bacalla Styling: Kryz Uy

Must love: Playsuits.

There's something about PLAYSUITS that I just can't get enough of. I'm loving: 1.) how fast you can get ready with them, considering you don't have to pick an extra top or bottom to match 2.) the fact that they come as shorts and 3.) how absolutely adorable and summery they look! P.S. Today, i'm ...


Sail Home.

Its been a while. I never expected Cebu to require so much work, but recently, its been kinda hectic! This is the first time I've touched my laptop since the last time I ...


On Stage

So I paid a visit to my former dance academe, Balletcenter, and I found out that they got some big shot dancer from CCP/Ballet Philippines to come and give contemporary dance workshops for a week. After a series of convincing alibis, I decided to hop on board. Monday: I went to the studio dressed in my usual contempo dance attire: Tanktop, ...