See your style

Thanks for the feature! Been so stressed with work! Absolutely ZERO TIME at hand. Photoshoot this Friday with my POWER TEAM. Can not wait to see how this turns out!

One Hour Notice

Photo by Rachel Alcantara From the last minute shoot I was telling you about before I made my way to the airport yesterday. Funny, just four years ago, I had a last minute photoshoot with Matet Spagnolo and Gillian Uang too. I was on my way to ...


Goodbye Manila.

I just had a 30 minute shoot with Rachel Alcantara, such a cutie pie :) We shot around the house, and it was really overwhelming cause I know in a few hours, I'm leaving for good. And then she mentioned my yellow wall. She said she knew I had one because of my lookbook photos. Sigh... my yellow wall.


Its about time

This, my dear readers, is my best friend, Gillian. She just recently started her own blog featuring her line of clothes, and it would be totally awesome if you could support her as well! :) ----- Manila has been crazy hectic for me these past few days. The heat and ...



Photo by Tricia Gosingtian for the Johnson's Soft Skin campaign.  <3 Tricia is incredibly tall and thin with perfect skin (wow, I rhyme!) and she's totally awesome for making me look freckle and pore free! On other news, Manila traffic is driving me nuts! NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!