I love heels. I really do.

For some weird reason, my insane addiction to shoes has translated into so many assignments and gigs specifically for the type. So many pretty things to keep me busy for next couple of weeks.

Loving my new green babies from H&M.

Thanks Edric, for the photo!

WAGW’s newest personalities

2011 brings us another big surprise.

WAGW draws inspiration from 5 young personalities to come up with 5 different collections, based on their personal sense of style.

Meet the team:

This month, we bring you CAMILLE CO, designer and model. Soft, feminine, chic and pretty, her look defines our latest collection, HOMEGROWN.

click here for the entire collection.


Seven Fifteen

Topman Hat, SIN dress, Michael Antonio Heels

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!


Thanks to http://iwearsin.com for the dress!

Photo by Lea Ann


Sorry for the short post. Theres a huge dilemma racking my brain right now. I hate being so damn indecisive! Also, this lookbook bug is really getting me annoyed. Promise to make up for it.

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