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SIN top, DIY shorts, Forever 21 boots
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Thanks to for the cute and comfy top!

Yes, I know. Those shorts again. I can’t help it. They’re such a quick and easy solution to dressing up on lazy days. But yes, I promise no more pearl shorts. Not anytime soon, at least. Quite a number of readers have emailed me photos of their own DIY pearl shorts renditions, and I’m actually really happy and really flattered that my amateur skills actually inspired people! Good job!

Also, I’m so sorry to have stopped replying to comments and some emails because I can’t keep up! There’s too many and too little time. But I do read each and every one, and I am very thankful for them all. I love receiving feedback, cause it helps me adjust and improve, so I do hope you keep sending in your thoughts! Thanks for all the kind words and comments! And to all those who asked me questions (including the 100 plus people in the past month who’ve asked me about where I had my hair permed hahaha), you can find the answers at the FAQ page.

Just had a shoot for a magazine today, and having one again tomorrow. After that, I head over to my first non-orientation official school day at SOFA. Wishing for a heap of good juju!

Now, off to fight homesick-night number 2.




A coat, A story and A psycho. Coat, WAGW scarf, bag and tights, Ugg boots
hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Wore this on the way home to the tropics yesterday. I got home late at night, packed up all my stuff, and flew out again this morning. This jet setting life ain’t easy, actually, it’s kind of a pain. But, you do what you gotta do.

Thanks to for the cute coat, which got me warm and chic all winter-week long.

Today started with a bunch of bumps on the road, and no breaks in between. From a fully booked and super tight plane ride, strange arguments and foreign languages, zero appetite yet insane hunger to so much more. Just the usual day in Manila, fast-paced and full of adventure. I’m all set and excited for the things coming my way, but also feeling the first official dose of homesickness. Somehow everything still seems like a blur to me. I can’t believe I’m all on my own again. I’m on a tight schedule and super busy with work, but I can’t shake the lonely feeling out of me. I need some happy people right now. :(

Unfortunately, very far from happy is what came to me yesterday in the form of JUSTINE LOURDES LUMINGKIT. And because I am too lazy do not want to frustrate myself anymore, I will simply post excerpts from my sister to explain what happened. Here goes:

“JUSTINE LOURDES LUMINGKIT first plagiarized my sisters blog, then created a fake account spreading rumors about Kryz, and now is posing as Kryz and I and leaving nasty comments on other peoples blogs under our names – using our URLs and emails. She’s stolen photos and entries from our blogs and claims them as her own. I’m sure she’s done this to several other bloggers too.

photo from her own blog

She’s created a few other accounts, here are some I’ve found:

Name: Justine Lumingkit

Name: spelljustine

From what I gather she’s a 3rd Year student at the Koronadal National Comprehensive High School. I don’t really understand why she’s working so hard and is so determined to defame us but I’m writing about it so if you receive any comments from me or from Kryz that seem out of character, you know where they came from.”

And here’s proof:

Click image to enlarge

The same IP address created all those comments. They belong to Justine Lumingkit, responsible for creating multiply fake accounts of me and other bloggers. She is the same person who used my photos, pretended to be me, plagiarized my work, edited my photos and placed her face in them, spread false rumors and so many other things. Most of the accounts have been deleted by wordpress, but if there’s another fake one out there, well, I sure know who to blame. If there’s ever another word for psycho, you know what it is.

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