Head strong

WAGW top, SIN trousers, F21 booties, Flatterbuy turban

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!


Just had a 22 outfit shoot in 2 hours- record time!

I’m feeling terribly sleepy, as I stayed up all night to watch “White collar.” Regret starts now.

Will be busy with an afternoon of arts and crafts.



Dear Cebu weather, please do NOT fail me this weekend.

Dear Lookbook, why did you delete my last post? That outfit was NOT reposted, as I just shot it the day before! Please fix the glitches in your system.



Thanks to http://iwearsin.com for the pants and Flatterbuy for the turban!

Photo by Lea Ann

Post-processed by me


It’s raining outside

F21 cardigan, WAGW accessories

The great Mark Cantalejo (from this shoot) decided to drop by yesterday to have some fun with Jack and I. Mark does great wedding photography, and I would definitely recommend him to everyone. Lucky us, we got these totally awesome shots that look even better than how the set really looked in real life!  Mark also used his film camera, which was super duper cool! I can’t remember the last time I shot anything using film.

Here’s my pretty sister, Jack- the one usually behind the lens (which is weird considering she’s super tall and skinny.)

I cut her bangs a few days ago, and she secretly hates me for them. But I think they look super cute and chic! Don’t you? ;)

Ponyhair workwear

Stephie Says Top/Dress, SIN trousers, WAGW belt, Mango Cuff, Michael Antonio heels
hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Because I am sooo into the whole work-rush after the holidays, here’s another office wear outfit for you to chew up. I tucked this gorgeous polkadot dress (though you can’t really see the polkadot details in the photo) into these belly busting high-waist wonder trousers, and cinched it all up with a faux pony hair belt. Some gold accessories and heels on, and I’m good to go!

Another thing with this work rush is, I’m forced to quick post! No time to dilly daly, I’ve got 5 shoots in 7 days to plan and execute, and a business trip with a whole lot of work and research lined up.

Thanks to http://shop.stephiesays.com for the top/dress.
Thanks to http://iwearsin.com for the trousers.

Photo by Lea Ann Duhaylungsod
Post-processed by me

Rush rush rush!

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