Hi, can I go home now?

Boredom kills. Thank God for internet at Berchmans. I swear, I don't know how my sister excelled so much with her 5 year MBA in Economics. Everytime I get in this classroom, my eyes/brain automatically shut down. Maybe its because I have to get up at 5AM ...


Two Zero and then some.

1:31 AM. I am on break from microeco. Short recap run: January 10: No time for planning equates to a simple no frills birthday dinner with only very little of what I originally had in mind. Here's me dancing to my birthday song, which they happened to play through the restaurant speakers for ...


What day is it tomorrow?

My first week back has been crazy. I've hardly had enough time to finish everything I need to accomplish, much less time for myself. Having hectic schedules are fine from time to time, but having one that lasts 2 months is just plain destructive. Up until yesterday, I totally forgot that ...


On 2010

Hi everyone! Okay, I'm sorry. The moment I got back from the new year's trip, I've been swamped with work and I haven't found the time for myself at all. All my breaks are consumed by meetings, that sometimes I find myself skipping meals because I'm too busy! In addition to all of that, my afternoons are spent with the girls ...


Au Revoir

Singapore in 4 hours for the rest of the holidays. I wish JANE were there but she's still in Paris! Tsss. Anyway, will be back soon with many many updates. So until then, to everyone I wish for a Happy Happy New Year! Cheers to you, 2010!