Kudos to the newbies!

..for being awesome during the second auditions! Congratulations and welcome to the CADs Family! JAZZ PERFORMERS Kat Tuason Nicole Hernandez Tin Pascua Gail Salvador Vyen Villanueva Bee Carabeo STREET PERFORMERS Sarah Nolan Bell Javier Martin Fausto JC Genato Rance Paglin Raymond Santos Ross Tan Tiffany Dy Patrick Teng Mauwee Villaflores Vince Salcedo Mark Torio Poch Donayre Inno Rendor P.S. Special Kudos to: Ross Tan and JC Genato (my future CADs baby! *crosses fingers) for being very entertaining auditionees! (especially during the "mainit" segment!)


Style Monkey

Kryz is now on polyvore <3 Here are my first few sets! Play Cloud Play Cloud by Kryz featuring Gucci bags In the Tropics In the Tropics by Kryz featuring Prada sunglasses Sweetheart Sweetheart ...


Crazy Kids.

Jesse's Future kids?

Holiday for the Boys

On July 9, 2009, Jeff Dy bought his dream laptop. This is the story of three boys and one toy; and when they boys have their toys... they go on holiday. Goodbye to school, and hello to 17 inches of pure aluminum beauty. Lo and behold, Jeff's new 17" MacBook Pro! Boxed Experience the ...



From my teachers strange life lessons to his nonchalant teaching prowess, my LS100 class never ceases to amaze me. See Ana with her awesome photocopied reading. Ana with fail reading Looks like Ate Alma had some fun with it. Here it is up close: Fail reading