SO F.A.B. is SO here!

The new year has come, and along with it, the official launch of SO! F.A.B.’s 5 new brand ambassadors!

head on over to to view each profile and each ambassador’s top shoe picks!

Homegrown by WAGW

Now available online.


Styled by Kryz Uy

Photographed by Edric Chen

Modeled by Yasmine Moller, Justyne Zosa and Jiggy Canizares

Made up by Gari Son


Three things.

If you decide to skip the text and just take a look at the photos I’ve posted, you might get the wrong impression. So early on, I will tell you that:

1. Jack is my sister, not my lesbian lover.

and 2. The roses and rings do not go together and we are not getting married.

Okay, here goes:



There’s just something about it.

The beauty that lies in the that raw imperfection and bittersweet finish of every printed image.

Here are some really beautiful ones that Marky took from our last shoot. Printed, scanned and uploaded without a trace of photoshop/light room or any other editing software.

Here are some more awesome shots by Agnes:

So after looking at photos and taking some of our own, Jack and I had some fun with arts and crafts.

We spent the whole of yesterday afternoon making paper roses and tying them on strings. And then, we spent the whole of today making swings and bamboo belt/shoe racks. I hope you can drop by WAGW soon and check out our new window display, the fruits of our labor!

Also, I was surprised to receive a package from Natbshop Thailand yesterday. Inside were three beautiful rings inside a clear black box, and a gift card that read “Merry Christmas” with my face on it. Thank you so much Nat B., I think they are gorgeous!

Photoshoot tomorrow, my 5th and last for the week!

And lastly, 3 days left til I turn 21!

Okay, now that thats done, I can finally stop ignoring my caring boyfriend for this blog.

Ta! x


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