Ponyhair workwear

Stephie Says Top/Dress, SIN trousers, WAGW belt, Mango Cuff, Michael Antonio heels
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Because I am sooo into the whole work-rush after the holidays, here’s another office wear outfit for you to chew up. I tucked this gorgeous polkadot dress (though you can’t really see the polkadot details in the photo) into these belly busting high-waist wonder trousers, and cinched it all up with a faux pony hair belt. Some gold accessories and heels on, and I’m good to go!

Another thing with this work rush is, I’m forced to quick post! No time to dilly daly, I’ve got 5 shoots in 7 days to plan and execute, and a business trip with a whole lot of work and research lined up.

Thanks to http://shop.stephiesays.com for the top/dress.
Thanks to http://iwearsin.com for the trousers.

Photo by Lea Ann Duhaylungsod
Post-processed by me

Rush rush rush!


G2000 top, SM department store belt, Detail by details skirt, Tag heuer watch

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Back to work but keeping the festivities alive through my cute skirt- a gift from the bestfriend! I’m channeling simple/casual office-wear with minimal accessories. I wouldn’t want to be too blingy.

Also, I’m turning 21 in a week. :o Somehow though, I still feel like i’m 16, carefree and too happy to be put down by the real world. I’m guessing that’s a good thing, and hoping it won’t change. (It must suck to be jaded about life at such a young age.) Ooh I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me this year! :)

Turquoise, Beads and Pearls make for some holiday polkadots.

WAGW top, Victoria Secret Intimates, F21 necklace and my overused DIY shorts

It’s a common chinese tradition to dress yourself in Red/Bright colors for special occasions. But, since I’ve sent half of my wardrobe off to Manila and I went on a two year “Red-ban” whilst mourning (another tradition), I regrettably end up with a lack of bright colors in my closet. Hence, I was forced to come up with an alternative holiday outfit. I present to you the the next best thing. Turning your casual basics into holiday-ready outfits. Another fun tradition we follow involves wearing polka-dots, a sign of success (or money) during New Year’s Day. It’s supposed to symbolize good fortune (circles=coins) for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, for the not-so-confident, polka dots might seem a bit too daring. I thought it would be a fun alternative is to deck yourself in round accessories instead. My version involves a turquoise beaded necklace, a bunch of vintage gold plated bracelets in varying bead sizes and my favorite and totally overused DIY pearl shorts. There’s nothing like an understated outfit for that effortless casual look, especially when there’s so much more to it than everyone thinks!


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