On mishaps and adventures.

It's funny how trying to procrastinate without internet brings back so much memories! HAHA Okay guys, I'm not saying anything. You have to guess what happened! Taken exactly one year ago at Chenoceau France.

By the end of the night

Today: Up at 4am, coordinated with people at 6am, travelled til 10 am, worked til 5pm, travelled til 9pm. Now, I have to study! :( My eyes are barely open, and my brain is screaming for rest. :| For confidentiality's sake, I'm not allowed to expose the detailed events of the day. Which means ...


On the job.

Happy weekend to everyone! and sorry for the lack of updates and interesting stories! :| I've been so busy lately with school catching up on me and all. Next week is our last week before the break and having 24units of relentless teachers pushing for pre-break deadlines and exams are driving up the pressure! Next week, I have 2 Long ...


What favors the brave?

Warning, this post is not your usual happy read. :( Forgive me. For some reason, spending the "few-months-left-before-I'm-thrown-out-into-the-real-world-and-struggle-to-be-happy-in-a-job-that-will-help-me-make-ends-meet" by going to school and studying just like I've done for the past 16 years of my life just doesn't seem right. Its so difficult to focus on school work when I ...


One on Christmas

There are so many reasons why I love the Christmas season. Aside from the obvious celebration of the birth of Jesus, which everyone tends to forget, by the way, people are always more jolly this time of year, there are always good food to be had and great company to enjoy. Last ...