Turquoise, Beads and Pearls make for some holiday polkadots.

WAGW top, Victoria Secret Intimates, F21 necklace and my overused DIY shorts

It’s a common chinese tradition to dress yourself in Red/Bright colors for special occasions. But, since I’ve sent half of my wardrobe off to Manila and I went on a two year “Red-ban” whilst mourning (another tradition), I regrettably end up with a lack of bright colors in my closet. Hence, I was forced to come up with an alternative holiday outfit. I present to you the the next best thing. Turning your casual basics into holiday-ready outfits. Another fun tradition we follow involves wearing polka-dots, a sign of success (or money) during New Year’s Day. It’s supposed to symbolize good fortune (circles=coins) for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, for the not-so-confident, polka dots might seem a bit too daring. I thought it would be a fun alternative is to deck yourself in round accessories instead. My version involves a turquoise beaded necklace, a bunch of vintage gold plated bracelets in varying bead sizes and my favorite and totally overused DIY pearl shorts. There’s nothing like an understated outfit for that effortless casual look, especially when there’s so much more to it than everyone thinks!


Welcome 2011!

My dad pops open a bottle of Grand Vintage Champagne, and it’s official. The New Year has begun.

2010 was a really blessed year for me. There were so much opportunities, coupled with love and support that came my way. Who would have thought that my little love affair with fashion could actually gain attention and inspire others all over the world. I’m so lucky to have met many amazing people through this blog. To all my readers, fellow bloggers and fashion fanatics, thank you for sharing your passions with me. To my family and friends, your support has been tremendous. I am truly grateful for each and everyone in my life right now. Let’s greet the new year with open arms- cheers to another year of love and friendship! Happy New Year to everyone!

PLUS- I bring you some good food to feast with your champagne!

Above, the hearty, but not so vegetarian options of T-bone and Rib Eye Steak. Below, a healthy and equally hearty serving of Chilean Sea Bass and Norwegian Salmon.

…and of course, some Pizza!


My last feature for 2010:

Cover story for a local magazine, sponsored by Grendha sandals (which explains why we’re wearing them with gowns.)

Check out my newly pimped features page!

Year In

WAGW Hat and Top, Mango Skirt

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

I ran into Daryl (fashion editor at Preview Magazine and blogger) yesterday while shopping for a client at WAGW. If you guys regularly check her blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed she hasn’t been updating as much. After a few words and hugs, I think I was able to convince her to start blogging again. She blames her busy schedule and says that she has too much stock photos just waiting to be posted. I guess when you’re on top of your game, having the time to blog becomes a luxury. It was such a surprise to see an impossibly chic blondie roaming the halls of Ayala Cebu (especially when you realize its Daryl Chang!) Too bad we both didn’t have our cameras on us that time!

Also, yesterday, Yvan Rodic was in Manila for his book signing (which I suck to have missed!) Daryl said Liz and Laureen Uy took him around the city, which totally explains why his twitter has been screaming things like “salamat mga teh sa pag punta sa book signing ko! Nalurkee ako sa warm welcome niyo” and “Ang taraaaaaay mo teh!!!” How fun!


This is totally late but heres a scan of an article I wrote for a local magazine. Jack took the photos and I did the interview. We are Team Awesome! hahaha


photos by JackKaye
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