Weeks worth.

Im waiting for my rocket Everything from What A Girl Wants. oldschoolday Shirt from HK, Belt from What A Girl Wants, Jeans from Zara, Watch from Ice Watch, Wayfarers from RayBan



n814144851_2294616_6038968Lookie what I found! This was taken for an Ateneo ME group's marketing competition as an ad for their Maybelline Brandstorm campaign. Sir Aly took this picture and I remember him saying how my eyes and lips were too big for my face. :| Thanks alot hahaha. Cy Bellarmino did my awesome ...


Game on.

I am totally out of my BV phase! There is hope after all! Thank you very much to the awesome Celebrity Sports dance studio for finally giving us a decent floor to work on. Thank you very much to the awesome Jazzers who totally spruced up their game with matching dance antics and benta jokes (What makes aweSOME better than awFUL? ...


I need to chill.

Brand new purple walls! romantic 2 Okay. Obviously kidding. See the failed photoshop attempt where the sheer part of my dress gave away the yellow wall. I'm not in the best of moods to fix it anymore, so I'll leave it at that. Haha. Please don't judge my lack of skill in ...


Biting The Big O

Teaser Ads for The Big O. 10531_132767439451_515919451_2314297_8233686_n Because they thought doughnut rings would be cool. Don't ask. 10531_132767444451_515919451_2314298_4147310_n