I can not feel my limbs, and I love it. Yesterday, I asked Drew to hold another one of his gymnastic conditioning sessions with CADs. As summer training has taught us, he's a monster when it comes to working out! But it was very encouraging to see around fifty people sweating their asses off with me. Plus, Mike finally decided to ...


Save your sole!

I bought some studded gladiators yesterday and I was so excited to wear them. But when I opened the shoe box this morning... studded brown I saw 2 left shoes! and if that wasn't enough, they were of different colors! How can you mess up that bad? *sigh I have some good and ...


Weather Buster 2!

Let's talk about the weather and the reemergence of my weather woes. Im beginning to find this erratic shifting VERY FRUSTRATING. I hate having to cancel plans due to rain! We were supposed to have swimming conditioning this morning, but I had to cancel that cause the girls might get sick. 6 in the morning, and all I could see was fog ...


Straight or Curly?

Straight or Curly


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA asianposes Yes, I know i look stupid. So, should I send in my entry? HAHA Kidding. This post is dedicated to MIA OCHOA. The ultimate asianposes.com fangirl. Enjoy, Mi!