Meet Santi.

Deliciously Green- check.

Tassels and hardware- check.

Fine leather in Alligator skin- check.

Can’t stop staring at my new everyday baby! Plus points for being big enough to fit the iPad!

Me=happy- double check!

Thanks Santa (a.k.a. Mom)!!!


Merry day after christmas to everyone! After all, everyday should be Merry!

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

from the most awesome dynamic duo,  Jack and Kryz <3

So Easy

I wore this a few weeks back to go Christmas shopping in Rockwell. A basic white top tucked into a high waisted black skirt (which is actually a dress that I rolled down and transformed into a paperbag waist skirt!)

Simple, fuss-free and easy.

Little did I know Ira was around taking photos for Powerplant Mall’s Sartorial Fridays. I wish I could’ve at least changed into heels! But oh well. At least I got free movie tickets!

Which I didn’t end up using cause I’m all the way in Cebu. Haha.


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