Work and Play

I spent yesterday afternoon styling mannequins for WAGW. Visual merchandising seems very appealing! True, its tough work to try and make everything look good with limited items at your disposal. The lack of which, however, actually creates a challenge which strangely entices me. Possibly a future career path? Considerable. stylist The girls are ...


Sem Break!

CEBU in 16 hours! Can't wait for the BEACH: sanremjumpshotIMG_9391IMG_9380 my BEST FRIENDS DSC_10805255_122597387540_689962540_2843135_4495038_n


Help Lita

Dearest Readers, In case you haven't heard, or read from my Ondoy article, Lita, my most beloved house help is in a very bad condition. During the flood, her toe was shard-cut with shattered glass from broken tables. Despite my attempts at trying to get her dry and safe in the second floor, she insistently swam back to her room when ...


Candy Mag Feature

Stylish Girls on Candy Thanks for the feature! screen-capture-2 screen-capture-1

We gon' bring it!

Congratulations to the Company of Ateneo Dancers for making it to the final round of the Skechers Streetdance Competition! 7528_301122225404_750555404_9178763_7447847_n7528_301122860404_750555404_9178777_8386208_n7528_301123460404_750555404_9178791_3116370_n7528_301122700404_750555404_9178773_3765624_n Let me just point out the ...