No snow down here

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

I’m in love with this super cute top from, the malaysian brand I’ve talked about a few months back. The leather bow and the cute keyhole detail make this simple piece instantly cute and chic! I wore this to our annual family Christmas get together, and it was such a hit. Plus, the whole look was breezy enough to keep me sweat-free while I was running around with the kids. If you haven’t noticed, my house has little by little turned into a mini amusement park. Thanks to my favorite niece and nephew, I will forever be a kid at heart.


Sorry for the wet hair!

I cant think of a title, and Mike keeps screaming Christmas rhymes.


Another gift from Santa (a.k.a. Mike)!

Notice the wrapper is already half-open (teehee). I couldn’t wait for the photo! I was too excited!

As for what’s inside- guess I won’t be needing any notebooks for SOFA! ;)


Thanks to for this shirt I’m wearing. Photos soon!x

Meet Santi.

Deliciously Green- check.

Tassels and hardware- check.

Fine leather in Alligator skin- check.

Can’t stop staring at my new everyday baby! Plus points for being big enough to fit the iPad!

Me=happy- double check!

Thanks Santa (a.k.a. Mom)!!!


Merry day after christmas to everyone! After all, everyday should be Merry!

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