The awkward elite

You're probably really tired of this outfit and these shots of my set with Rachel Alcantara. BUT, I have absolutely zero drive to shoot new ones right now. Although, I do have an interesting story to share. Let me make it up to you with that! ...


On Outfit Nostalgia

Just thought I'd repost one of my favorite summer looks before the season finally ends. I remember rushing to finish sewing the hems of ...


Band Hero

Today was filled with very diverse events. 1. Work. 2. Hot flash/mood swings because its that time of the month. 3. Visit the new church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints. Its a huge monument near my house, and its absolutely amazing. Rumors say that the best of everything was used ...



WAGW Pre Fall 2010 Collection June 5, 2010 at WAGW ONLINE Model: Katrina Cielo Ramirez Styling: Kryz Uy Photo: Raleene Cabrera Hair and Make Up: Pops Capul Assisted by: Gillian Uang


Here's a video last week's contemporary piece taken from Mike's iPhone :) Edit: Video updated.