Photo by Tricia Gosingtian for the Johnson's Soft Skin campaign.  <3 Tricia is incredibly tall and thin with perfect skin (wow, I rhyme!) and she's totally awesome for making me look freckle and pore free! On other news, Manila traffic is driving me nuts! NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Updates

1.)Im flying to Manila tomorrow to finish packing up my stuff and to run a whole lot of errands. 2.) Michael is coming back from the states on thursday, HORAAAAY! 3.) I got a package from Germany today. Stay tuned to know what thats all about!   4.) It's Jeff's birthday today and I'm staying in, instead of celebrating with him because I'm a ...


Kiss the Bride

I've found the perfect shade of polish for the season. Orly's "Kiss the Bride" nail lacquer is absolute perfection. Its so light and refreshing, I feel like my skin tone lightens up every time I look at it! A lot of people tell me I have really cute polish on my toes all the time, ...


The Risk Taker

Because I am a busy working girl (see how I constantly repeat this little fact), I've forgotten to share a not-so-recent article I wrote for Lifestyle Asia's April's Style Editorial.



There's an old room in our house that's basically doing nothing but accumulating age. It used to be my parents room, but then they moved to a bigger one down the hall. The room transformed into my playroom as a child, but then I grew up and used it ...