Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

from the most awesome dynamic duo,  Jack and Kryz <3

So Easy

I wore this a few weeks back to go Christmas shopping in Rockwell. A basic white top tucked into a high waisted black skirt (which is actually a dress that I rolled down and transformed into a paperbag waist skirt!)

Simple, fuss-free and easy.

Little did I know Ira was around taking photos for Powerplant Mall’s Sartorial Fridays. I wish I could’ve at least changed into heels! But oh well. At least I got free movie tickets!

Which I didn’t end up using cause I’m all the way in Cebu. Haha.


Im a weirdo and I know it.

hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Wore this to a lazy day at the office (the perks of being your own boss is getting to dress however you want)! I had to change mid-day though. For some reason, I’ve been get sick of whatever Im wearing by lunch time, so I end up wearing something completely different in the afternoon. Strange.

I don’t look like me in this photo, but that’s okay. Strange face compliments strange feelings.

And more on strange things, let me show you guys what we really do at work:

Make Hamburger Play-Doh!

I kid. This is what we do to de-stress.

It’s…strangely fun!


3 more days til Christmas!


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