They call her grace

Yay, I found another photo of myself with long hair!

This was taken by Patty Mendoza a few weeks back, and I didn’t get a high-res copy, so I forgot all about it. Too bad this is the only photo I have of this outfit! :(

Its a head to toe F21 outfit, only because I had a shoot with nothing to wear, and F21 just happened to be right around the corner! (Oh, the excuses I make to shop!)

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

Also, thanks to Fashion Paparazzi for the feature!

When people ask me what my personal style is, I always say street chic. But now Im not so sure anymore. I guess its partly because my style is always evolving. It would be nice to have something concrete to say though. I always take a long time to answer that part in interviews.

What do you think I should jot down next time? :)




14 more days til Christmas!

These are the very last unreleased photos of me with long hair. *GASP!*

This is an old photo. You may remember that I wore this outfit to the look magazine event a few months back. I just had to get a decent photo of this outfit taken in my sister’s newly painted room. I’m totally loving the calm and relaxed vibe it seems to generate. Maybe its the monochromatic tones, the loose fitting top, or the fact that I match the walls. Either way, I still really love it.

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

On a different note, mom and I went to a whole lot of malls today and met a whole lot of people. Among them was Ira! We ran into him at Rockwell and he took my photo for Powerplant Mall’s fashion fridays thing. I looked totally harassed from the insane Christmas shopping, so I’m kind of worried about that photo. But oh well, at least that got me a free movie ticket!

Now, I am quite frankly exhausted and I really must get some shut eye. Can’t think of a better way to end this post than to say goodnight! x


photos by JackKaye

Facehunter in MANILA!

I am DEVASTATED that I will not be in town for this. :(

Yvan Rodic, fly to Cebu, please?

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