Facehunter in MANILA!

I am DEVASTATED that I will not be in town for this. :(

Yvan Rodic, fly to Cebu, please?

The taping

Laureen Uy of Stylebreak was interviewed by GMA’s Sweetlife talk show, and she asked me to be one of her models. On top of her obvious talent for fashion, this girl is a whole ball of sweet and funny. To be styled by Laureen Uy is such a pleasure, and something I can not possibly refuse. I gladly jumped on board and joined her team.

Today, we waited. We waited long and hard. They say that’s a normal thing for TV productions, and I believe them. Good thing I brought my domino book to keep me busy. Laureen and Cara (the other model) had to endure hours of GMA (the channels were unswitchable, of course!) Strangely, I found that noon time show mildly entertaining. There was some sort of guessing game, and hyperactive teenagers were a thrill to watch.

After hours of waiting, we finally moved to another dressing room for hair and make up.

Above is Cara, a fun and rising GMA starlet. She is incredibly smokin’ and anything she puts on her transforms into world of sexy. I was also very surprised to find out that she is also the girlfriend of Young JV, a rapper/singer/performer whom Mike and I found really talented.

Laureen lent us her personal shoes and accessories to match with clothes from Stylebreak. They were all so cute and chic, everyone raved about them. I also found out that Jeffrey Campbell is being sold in Manila! (whyintheworlddidntiknowthis?) So, you can be sure to guess where I’m headed tomorrow!

While Laureen and Cara had their make up done, I took photos. This is what I wore to the set. A vintage jacket from my bestfriend and a WAGW skirt.

This is what Laureen would have you wear to a college reunion. Young, fun, and chic.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time, and I had to stop taking photos and start putting some make up on. Their resident MUA, Snow White, wasnt able to finish up, so I had to make do. Good thing I brought my make-up bag!

I super had fun with these awesome girls. Cara, Laureen and I after the taping. We’re all dressed in stylebreak!

Will keep you posted on the airing date, so you can catch it.


Can I just please mention that Iza Calsado and Lucy Torres like my hair? haha okay, Im not a fan girl, but mom says thats a major compliment. Funny. :P

Fur real.

HAHA Okay, you got me. Yes, I will willingly accept crap for that title because i totally deserve it- and it’s totally worth it. :P

I was going to wear this to a party until I realized it I was in the Philippines, and fur + pants + tropical weather aren’t exactly a smart combination.

Thanks to WAGW for the whole outfit and JackKaye for the whole set and photos!

Order from the Christopher’s Lodge collection here.

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!

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