There was a fire today

in the squatter settlement right before the Sucat interchange. The traffic it caused has gotten so infamous, everyone’s forgotten about the fire. I’m not here to say that they deserve a home or that they don’t. For once, it’s not even important to me right now. I just want to share what I saw. As I descended the Alabang exit, billows of ...


Reminiscing because I feel fat.

A few days ago, I met  up with CADs, my old dance team and watched them rehearse for an upcoming show. Their new head, Michelle, requires everyone to train in sports bras and short shorts. Then, they'd have to weigh themselves and measure their gut weekly! When I heard about ...


My eyes are twitching like crazy.

Okay, I'm really really sorry, but I still have close to zero time at hand, so I'll make this quick. More from Rachel: I've been asked ...


See your style

Thanks for the feature! Been so stressed with work! Absolutely ZERO TIME at hand. Photoshoot this Friday with my POWER TEAM. Can not wait to see how this turns out!

One Hour Notice

Photo by Rachel Alcantara From the last minute shoot I was telling you about before I made my way to the airport yesterday. Funny, just four years ago, I had a last minute photoshoot with Matet Spagnolo and Gillian Uang too. I was on my way to ...