Fur real.

HAHA Okay, you got me. Yes, I will willingly accept crap for that title because i totally deserve it- and it’s totally worth it. :P

I was going to wear this to a party until I realized it I was in the Philippines, and fur + pants + tropical weather aren’t exactly a smart combination.

Thanks to WAGW for the whole outfit and JackKaye for the whole set and photos!

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Time for change.

So I’m in Manila.

Today, I woke up real early and went to that gig I was talking about. The gig that shall not be named until it debuts, as usual. The look was very young and cutesy. Hence, I had close to zero make-up and the wardrobe mix was far from what I would ever wear in real life. But hey, they don’t pay me to complain! Anyhow, the whole shoot made me realize how much fun I usually have with make up, despite only having talent enough to create my ONE signature look.


Have you ever noticed that I always put my make up on the same way? Well, you can’t blame the talent-less. I hope to find something else that works with my face though, cause I’m getting really bored with it! Another thing I was getting tired of was my hair. I’ve had the same style on for four freakin years, and I wanted a little change. Sooo… I chopped about 6 inches off of it, and voila!

Thanks to Mr. Ken Tam of Chevelure Salon for the whole experience. (He cut my hair standing up, kneeling down, flipped over, and all other possible positions you can think of!)

So…what do you think? :)

Christopher's Lodge

Start cozying up by the fireplace in a perfect fitting polo tucked into a high waisted suede skirt, and layered under a snug fur vest. Or go equestrian chic in a honeycombed knit top and a pair of leather trimmings. Suddenly, spending the weekend at the log cabin couldn’t be any more chic.

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Styling: Kryz Uy
MUA: James Canete

Models (L-R): Raleene Cabrera, Bianca Lim, Cielo Ramirez, Gillian Uang, Kim Araneta, Yssa Chua, Arden Fernan, Jihan Ong, Chai Martinez, Ayana Jimenez, Katsy Borromeo, Mia Arcenas, Trisha Estuart, Olga Moriles, Gayle Urgello, Rhina Echivarre, Trisha Yu


Thanks to Candymag.com for covering Girls’ Night Out and for the feature!

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