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photo by JackKaye

So I finally got out of my sick spell, and made time for all the appointments. (Yay me!)

Yesterday, I spent the whole day running errands and catching meetings around the city. I felt quite productive, except when the last appointment, scheduled for 10PM at night, failed me. A few models and I attended rehearsals for an upcoming fashion show, and ended up waiting for a full hour before we realized it was stupid to wait any longer. I don’t know if we should be rewarded for being extra patient, or punished for being stupid enough to waste time waiting. Lucky for me, Jeff and Mike were nice enough to entertain me with episodes from “Chuck”, a series Jeff is insane (and *ihatetosayit* giddy) about.

So anyway, after the whole shabang, we left the scene and headed home to get some rest. Most of us had to get up early for different reasons -school for some, work for Mike, shoot for me (of course, Jeff gets to sleep in *hee*).

Okay okay, no more Jeff jokes. Its just that I haven’t seen him in the longest, and I know he reads this! haha

Moving on, I got up bright and early for todays shoot (the topic of which, I believe, is still confidential!) I met 5 other glamourous and accomplished women along with a whole entourage of interesting others, but more on that later.

Now, after removing what must have been 5 layers of make up on my face, PLUS the biggest bunch of lashes I’ve ever had on me, I can finally get some sleep!

Dont say a word

Photo by Lea Ann


Dear fever/flu/allergy,

Please go away NOW. I have so many appointments for tomorrow and the day after. I can’t be sick anymore. Also, my appetite has grown immensely from all the resting (weird right??) and I keep stuffing my face with Bedrock’s sea salt chips (yummmmm.) So let’s make a deal. I promise to wear a pretty and chic handkerchief over my nose when entering paint/smoke/dust filled places, so I don’t disturb you anymore. I also promise to stop forgetting to take all the medicine the doctor gave me. Deal?




A few features/articles I recently scanned:

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Identity Theft Article

whatwearewearing.com feature

Sun Star: WAGW’s Vintage Sophisticate (which I styled) featured on Shopping Bag


Catch CADs and WAGW on this year’s Shindig!

The Ateneo Junior Marketing Association presents the hottest party to hit the metro.

Shindig 2010: Elements

It’s the hottest. It’s the coolest. It’s gonna rock your world. Get ready to be blown away.

Experience the clash of the four elements as we celebrate 10 years of amazing parties. This year we have raised the stakes and bring you music that is blazingly volcanic. The earth will split and crumble as models stomp wearing creations by no less than Philippine’s finest designers and follow the billows of wind as you dance through the dance floor.

Feel the rupture of wind, ember-induced eruptions, ravaging torrents and crumbling of the earth as we party the night away! Party with us this November 12, 2010 at NBC Tent and we will quench your thirst for elation!

With tradition, we bring you this event for FREE and the collision of the four elements will begin at 8PM! So, party with us as we celebrate twenty years of marketing excellence and ten years of unending intoxication to music, fashion and glamour!

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