What day is it tomorrow?

My first week back has been crazy. I've hardly had enough time to finish everything I need to accomplish, much less time for myself. Having hectic schedules are fine from time to time, but having one that lasts 2 months is just plain destructive. Up until yesterday, I totally forgot that ...


On 2010

Hi everyone! Okay, I'm sorry. The moment I got back from the new year's trip, I've been swamped with work and I haven't found the time for myself at all. All my breaks are consumed by meetings, that sometimes I find myself skipping meals because I'm too busy! In addition to all of that, my afternoons are spent with the girls ...


Au Revoir

Singapore in 4 hours for the rest of the holidays. I wish JANE were there but she's still in Paris! Tsss. Anyway, will be back soon with many many updates. So until then, to everyone I wish for a Happy Happy New Year! Cheers to you, 2010!

One more before the end

This will probably be my last post before my New Years Semi-5-day-hiatus. On today: 1. Got my hair cut. It took me forever to decide whether or not to have it permed. After the long self-debate, I decided to wait until tomorrow and decide then. You see, I absolutely hate making decisions, ...


I'm Alive!

Okay, I'm back! Sorry, and let me explain! For Atenean students such as myself, we have 8 more days until the end of the festive season. This year I promised myself I'd be productive. I brought home a couple of books to read, conditioned my mind that I wouldn't eat so ...