Halloween with PartyGal!

Halloween is always everyones excuse to dress sexy. Well, the celebration is right around the corner, and everyone’s got some serious shopping to do! Check out PartyGal Lingerie for that ultimate sultry costume!

In celebration of Halloween and Christmas, PartyGal Lingerie is giving away FREE sexy feet accessories to my readers who purchase from their online shop! All you need to do is use the promo code (thirstythought) when you purchase, and they’ll ship the giveaway to you together with your item of choice!

Here’s a little article about PartyGal:

PartyGal Lingerie offers intimates and lingerie to encourage gals like you to feel confidently sexy in their own skin. By wearing her collection, PartyGal Lingerie wants you to take pride in saying, “I am a woman, and I love it!”PartyGal Lingerie has a variety of sexy lingerie fit for everyone who’s ready to loosen up and have fun.  Women face so much stress in the world, it’s now time to look good, feel good and just experience the joy of being a woman!

PartyGal Lingerie is all about YOU. She offers products to encourage YOU to feel confident and sexy and in the process, help you reignite the spark in your love life, or cheer you on for being an independent woman.

And because PartyGal Lingerie loves to be a part of all the holiday hype, She has special Halloween offers!

Arriving in a Halloween party looking spooky and creepy is so passé! Heck, even vampires these days don’t come out of their coffins wearing and smelling like they’re 5 decades old! They look posh, sleek and sexy – like they came out straight from the glossy front page of a GQ magazine.

There’s a more exciting vibe surrounding the Halloween atmosphere – mysterious, mischievous and troublesome. So if you want to steal the spotlight to that party, you better ditch your grandma’s old wedding gown. Trust me, no hot vampire wants to share a table with the white lady wearing an ill-fitted old dress. But all is not lost! One quick visit to PartyGal Lingerie’s sexy costumes page will turn that party nightmare into a Halloween fairytale – you exchanging mobile numbers with your prince charming.

And it doesn’t end there…

Come January 2011, PartyGal Lingerie will also be offering Love Me Lingerie – an assortment of babydolls and chemise lingerie, as well as Playtime – a collection of lingerie for lots of bedroom fun.
So, visit www.partygallingerie.com.ph because you certainly won’t want to miss the latest offerings from PartyGal Lingerie! Come join the party! And be the life of the party!

1st set of Winners!

Congratulations to yesterday’s winners of my Levi’s ticket giveaway!

Please claim your tickets over at the Levi’s office: 20/F tower 2, the enterprise center, ayala ave. corner paseo de roxas, Makati

Winners generated via random.org


Photo by Hannah Bacalla||Clothes WAGW|| Shoes Michael Antonio

Too. early. in. the. morning.

Must. drink. pike. roast.

Brain. still. on. pause.

Its official!

Guess who LEGALLY drove to work today?


After months of anticipation, disappointment, futile work and everything else, I finally have my driver’s license! Third times the charm, they say, and I’m proving that right! haha!
Yesterday, I pissed on a cup, waited in line, listened to the lecture (whilst constantly being pestered by my freaky and foul smelling seatmate), participated (yes, I am an attentive student no matter what the subject) and all that. After six grueling hours with absolutely no ventilation…tananannnn SUCCESS becomes me! I couldn’t be happier!

So to celebrate, Mike and I decided to stuff ourselves with good food (yet again) at Olio! We started with some incredibly savory Japanese Scallops with Mushrooms, thinly sliced Potatoes, Asparagus and Caviar. I then enjoyed more Scallops, Prawns and mouthwatering creamy vegetable risotto while Mike had some meaty Nebraskan Rib-eye wonder  and Chilean red wine that he seemed to really enjoy as well. Mmmm just thinking about it makes me salivate. haha! To bad I wasn’t able to bring my camera to take photos of our previous meals! The photos below were taken via iPhone, so pardon the quality.

And forgive my post-LTO sweaty gross face, please.


I met some readers at Ayala again last Wednesday afternoon, post-rehearsal. I was kind of frantic and tired then from the long work out, so if I wasn’t my usual perky self, forgive me! It was nice to meet all of you though!


Don’t forget to join the Levi’s Ticket Giveaway if you haven’t already!


A lot of new and exciting things coming our way. Can’t wait to share it with everyone! <3

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