Cheating Texture

1. Prints on Prints|| Chunky Silver Rings with Killer Python skin Boots|| Deeply Black Smokey and Sultry Make up with Pretty Girly Nails. I always over-do the ring department. Can't help it. Cheating Texture Cheating Texture by Kryz featuring Roberto Cavalli accessories 2. This next one, I love simply because of the everyday take on the Balmain ...


Hallway Pass

Hey guys, check this new blog out: header Here's an excerpt of what its all about: Hello, fashion world! We’re Hallway Pass, bringing you the best of college street style. We’re a team of young women with a mission: to find the truly stylish in a sea of fashion victims. Our conviction? To ...


Kudos to the newbies!

..for being awesome during the second auditions! Congratulations and welcome to the CADs Family! JAZZ PERFORMERS Kat Tuason Nicole Hernandez Tin Pascua Gail Salvador Vyen Villanueva Bee Carabeo STREET PERFORMERS Sarah Nolan Bell Javier Martin Fausto JC Genato Rance Paglin Raymond Santos Ross Tan Tiffany Dy Patrick Teng Mauwee Villaflores Vince Salcedo Mark Torio Poch Donayre Inno Rendor P.S. Special Kudos to: Ross Tan and JC Genato (my future CADs baby! *crosses fingers) for being very entertaining auditionees! (especially during the "mainit" segment!)


Style Monkey

Kryz is now on polyvore <3 Here are my first few sets! Play Cloud Play Cloud by Kryz featuring Gucci bags In the Tropics In the Tropics by Kryz featuring Prada sunglasses Sweetheart Sweetheart ...


Crazy Kids.

Jesse's Future kids?