I hope you die in jail or rot in it and grow extremely obese.

Yes, Im saying it again because I CAN and because its still not over!

I’m very impressed, I must admit, that this thing has gone on for quite some time now. Can you believe this little ****** has over 2000 friends and counting? She has promos too! Oh, and what a delight to hear that she has STOCKS and SIZES of my clothes and many others! She’s selling Rosanna and Yanyan’s clothes on the side, as well as Cameras! What else, she changes her name from time to time, confusing others into thinking which account is the real one, and changes her profile pictures to match mine too! Splen-*******-did!

Once again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of God help me kill this *insert profanity here*, or at least help me stop her. Honestly, this is really pissing me off.

Of course you did.

I will once again talk in non-unified sentences.


I had a really bad day, and I really think wearing jeans was the culprit.

Interviewed a pretty girl, and ate my heart out. Mmm red velvet and coffee.

Went on a model scour and Jeff convinced himself that he was destined to put up his own modeling/escort agency. Ha.

Attended a fashion show/vintage car show too. Was surrounded by Cebu’s socialites, a.k.a. old people. Harhar. I kid.


Just had another shoot today for our next collection. My house is amazingly convertible.

Young people make me feel old, and its weird considering I’m only 20.

Been meaning to write about my “Social Network experience” but the files are like 6MB each and I have no time to convert! Will do soon, promise.



Clothes by WAGW

On Lookbook and Chictopia


and Continue

According to a friend, I look like I belong on a Korean bottle of tea.


Clothes by WAGW

On Lookbook and Chictopia


Just came from a very delicious interview.

Now heading off to a very fashionable event.

Then, burning off some steam with good dinner and great company.


Leaving everyone with a teaser from WAGW‘s latest collection


Photography by Anne Uy
Styling by Kryz Uy
MUA: Sherwin
Modeled by:
Alex Lorenzana
Ayana Jimenez


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