On Discoveries:

Thanks to Chai Martines, Gillian Uang and Hannah Bacalla for convincing me to buy this awesome miracle worker. Its very affordable and very efficient! Just a little dust of this post-make up, and you get an extra dose of glow and soft pearly skin! Try taking a photo before and after application. The difference is astonishing! I’ve already convinced so many people to buy this product cause I just cant get enough of it! The only thing I don’t like about it is the small brush that comes with it. The strands of hair keep falling off, and it gets really annoying to take out of your face, especially when you’re in a rush. Aside from that though, its perfect! I haven’t tried the photo ready foundation, but I bet it works just as great.

I saw this toothpaste on Preview’s October issue, and the “crave away” caption totally had me. This toothpaste supposedly has the ability to curb your appetite post wash! Isn’t that something? I just had to try it! Its kind of pricey though, $3 for a lipstick sized tube, but it’s worth a shot! I’ve been using it for two days now. I can’t really tell the difference yet, but we’ll see!

Also, Mike and I made a new discovery (thanks to our cancelled dinner with Kylie and Martin)! Relish restaurant at Valero Street Makati is a quaint new place with great ambiance and great food! They just opened last month. One of the owners even came up to us and asked us about our meal! I love it when that happens, cause the whole experience just feels so personal when you meet the people responsible for it! They had really big servings for a really reasonable price. Good timing, since Mike and I were starving then. Each of us had a good-for-two plate and chowed it down heartily!

Lastly, on my recent trip to CDO, I ate at the same place four times because I loved it so much. Cute interiors (by the great Edwin Uy, the same guy who does ID for WAGW), gelato (who doesn’t love that?), pasta, sandwiches, meals, bread, coffee, cake (again, who doesn’t love that?) and best of all, an overly eager, super friendly, semi-homosexual staff! The moment you walk in, you’re greeted with a big “WELCOME TO MISSY BONBON” followed by a round of applause, and a series of gestures towards the bread section. As for loyal customers, such as I, a table is always ready and waiting for me, right after I place my order. Missy BonBon is a new restaurant founded by the Bigby’s chain, and only available at CDO. Thank you Miss BonBon for the great food and the great times!


Been so busy lately, hence the lack of updates. Will post new photos soon. PROMISE xx

Never about that

Photo by Hannah Bacalla

Clothes by WAGW

Shoes by Michael Antonio

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My sisters and I are in CDO for the re-openning of our newly renovated store at LimKetKai! Be sure to visit WAGW and WAGW for her MAN this tuesday, cause our first 88 customers get a free gift for every Php1,500 purchase! In  the mean time, you can visit us at our temporary store located beside Jolibee, across Primadonna!

The John Mayer experience

Videos soon.


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