I’ve got a short attention span

More photos from Edric‘s lookbook set:

I did a little post processing on Edric and Ira’s photos and came up with the picture above. I kind of wish I knew how to use photoshop more, cause it took me so much time to blend them together! After all the hard work, I realized it looked like crap, so I desaturated it and went for that instead. Sigh. Mediocrity haha. Must learn photoshop!

Edric's photo

After looking all the pictures from our set, I noticed that all of us had a photo with Ira…

Except cams! How weird and totally random. I’ll still post a photo of her though, because I think her pants are awesome, and I think she looks great in whatever she wears!

Another great set with Edric. Can’t wait for our shoot tomorrow!

Hotel H2O's Ecospa

Today, I flew to Manila.

I got invited by Hotel H2O’s new Zenyu Ecospa, and they were nice enough to let me bring Mike along! The spa is located at the third floor of Hotel H2O, a new establishment owned and operated by Manila Ocean Park. Mike and I were really impressed by the cleanliness and decor of the hotel. We entered the third floor and were welcomed by a set of suede sofas, mosaic walls, and pillars with metal H2O’s all over it. We’re no experts, but we thought the interior aesthetic was very easy on the eyes, despite it’s heavy design elements.

Deeper into the floor was the reception area for the spa, where we were met and greeted with enthusiasm (excellent service!). The receptionist gave us a quick tour, and explained the new concept they were bringing into the Philippines. It’s called the negative ion, and they have tons of technical stuff to prove that it works. Some kind of oil was placed on our fingers, and when put under the microscope, we saw a slow moving flow of blood. We were told that after the “hot bed experience,” the flow would dramatically change (and it did!) I’m not an easy believer, but science doesn’t lie!

The concept of the HOT BED:

“Science has made us aware of the healing power of nature. The energy we get from nature is replicated by deoxidizers emitting negative ions. Negative ions are invisible molecules we inhale in certain environments like mountains, beaches and waterfalls.

Discover how these electrical charges in the air can remarkably improve overall health and wellness. Indulge over tons of negative ions using the hot bed therapy, a special technology from the ecoparadise chain of Japan.”

“The hot bed is said to rejuvenate, relax, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism and blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and body toxins, relieve allergies, colds and constipation”

We were also shown a bunch of things that had the negative ion technology in them. It was really quirky and kind of strange to be seeing unspoiled food after months of storage, but it proved their point!

After the tour, Mike and I got to try out the Hot Bed ourselves for around 30 minutes. I was terrified because I still had a bunch of appointments for the rest of the day. I was worried that I wouldn’t look presentable after spending time sweating like hell in a hot bed dry sauna. But, it was too late to turn back now. We went in the room dressed in our scrubs, and sweated those 30 minutes away.

Surprisingly, we came out of it feeling fresh and odor free! Our bodies weren’t even sticky nor our breathes heavy. I’d have to say, I was impressed!

After cooling down, we both got treated to a nice and relaxing swedish massage. Just the perfect way to cap a very delightful experience.

Thank you Hotel H2O!

Hotel H2O is located at Luneta Manila 1000 Philippines, beside Manila Ocean Park.

You can reach them at 02 238 6100 or 6190

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