Hail Alexander.

58575024Par2820300Par2820285Par2820296Photo credits and more. I knew my animal print obsession wasn't too far off. Alexander McQueen seems to agree with me, and even takes ...


CADs Jazz at Maximum Groovity 5

I really want to join the army. Dancers: Kryz Uy, Michelle Kawpeng, Dani Rodiriguez, Via Ramirez, Teppie Garcia, Kat Lozano, Tin Velez, Paten Encarnacion, Pau Manaloto, Nicole Hernandez and Tin Pascua Thanks to Jazz for the Video :)

For the win.

This experience is impossible to describe solely with words. Where do I even start? The cancelled competition? The flooded streets and houses? Knowing we were going to compete on the morning of the day itself? or Realizing that a team member has been held on house arrest by her dad, requiring us to make necessary adjustments to the choreography that very ...


Last Battle

It's getting tougher and tougher, especially at a time like this. Hopefully, one last go wont push any of us off the edge. This is definitely more than any of us bargained for. One last battle, tonight. All the challenges that posed against us will make us stronger (even if we've all become fat and unmotivated.) This battle is for ...


Rain Rain go away.

Hi Mr. Pepeng/Parma, Please don't come. Spare the Filipino people who have yet to recover from the massive damage brought about by Ondoy.  Do not depress the country any further. People are scared, thousands are suffering, and many have died. We're preparing for you, but soon there won't be anywhere left to evacuate all the people in need. I hope you ...