Rockin’ the 80s

R4 and our trip to the 80s.  Enjoy! Gian and Chantal Mia martin kylie jason


Burning Room

I can not get over the raw emotion in this dance. <3 Girls? New Era?


A while ago, during my leadership and strategy class, my reporting partner projected my desktop background to the entire class by mistake. Desktop My teacher happily pointed it out for everyone to notice, and even commented about my "modeling", noting that getting published (yes, even your face) on a newspaper or magazine would ...


I love my girls.

Saturday was a "Vivi-fied" day with food, music, make up artists, hair stylists, racks and racks of clothes, a photographer, stage mom, assistants and senior stylists, electric fans and love. We posed for the WAGW collection, to be released in a few months. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the photos from this shoot yet, but here's a ...


Home for the Weekend.

What I love the most is that we're finally all together. Its great how time passes us by, but somehow we all still seem to get along perfectly well, just like when we were kids. Cheers to my ultimate favorite girls in the whole wide world. <3 Its been too long! 5255_122597387540_689962540_2843135_4495038_nJaye, ...