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The main thing I've been busy with lately is our competition piece for Maximum Groovity. I just found out yesterday that we're the only Jazz group competing this year, and that were going against 25 or so other dance teams (who will probably kick our asses). Sorry for sounding so pessimistic, but its hard to look on the bright side ...


Senioritis 2

So far, senior year has been pretty hectic for most of us. Everyone is too busy with organizational commitments, minors, classes, thesis...(ahem, parties) and all everything else in between. What sucks the most about this is that I haven't had much time to bond with the girls. What's worse is that after college, we'll all be going our separate ways, ...


Half of the Team

I've been stuck in a cave for 2 days. I had to study for my series of surprisingly unrelenting midterms, and just as if the Gods understood the gravity of my plight, they so willingly aided me by cutting of my internet, the source of my JOY! It was a horrendous experience, despite its brevity. Thankfully, Mr. Technician at Faura saved me. Anyway... Pictures ...


Russell = Liam Lao

Remember this guy? Russell-upYup, you got it. It's that adorable little boy, Russell, from the movie "UP". RussellUpPoster_gallery_primary By the way, this has to be the best movie ever made in the history of mankind. I CAN NOT GET OVER THE CUTENESS!!!!!!! I can not even ...


HE cool like dat

Tried my new face crayons on Mike, the very willing subject. Hope he doesn't kill me for this. :P rainbow faces