Will eat MEAT for BALMAIN

Last night I dreamt that I magically awoke to a closet full of Balmain. and what did I do? DROOL. Yes, i woke up drenched by a pool of my own lust. Posted below are my personal favorites from the Printemps 2009 collection. At first, i was eyeing the stud-infested shoes, like everyone else, but my oh my, i never got over ...



I was walking down the stairs of SOM after class when my friends and i saw the epitome of ungodly. It was the attack of the Butt crack. :| ( a very large one at that.) butt crack I wish I had a better camera with me... then again, maybe not. Also, Mike ...


Those Auditions.

I am exhausted. 2 batches of auditionees one after another was ALOT of work i was NOT expecting. :| Mental note: bring hydrating ammunition on Monday for the 3rd and last batch! I'm not exactly sure if im allowed to comment about what i thought, so instead, i'll give you a sneak peak at how the auditions are set up:


So sexy.

Pahabol: Mike's take on how we should project from our orsem dance. Oh, isn't he lovely? Mike oh mikeIm gon' get choo.

Audition jitters

In about 9 hours, the annual CADs first auditions will officially take place. I've been to these auditions every year: the first time- to try out _MG_3835 second- to help out CADS First Auditions 'o7 - 79 and third- to judge.