One for the road

For some reason, today turned out to be a really really bad one. Aside from the fact that my mom, sisters and I had to get up at 4 in the morning, the airport experiences we had were just plain over the top horrible.

In Cebu, we had to wait for an hour at the check in counter because something was up with our tickets. At first we were told that we bought a ticket to a non-existent flight! A few minutes later, the flight appears, and the man explains that the ticketing office made the mistake of writing down the wrong date. Next, we were told that only some of us had tickets! That again was later explained as a mistake and some sort of confusion with family names. After one grueling hour of standing and waiting with my laptop weighing down on me (did I mention I woke up at 4?) we finally got to check in.

Diane couldn’t check through to our destination because she had some things to leave in Manila. We landed, met the driver, gave him the stuff, and went on to fill out or departure cards while she checked herself in. This is where the fun begins.

My mom decided to see how her check-in was going because it was taking quite a while. Apparently, the girl at the check-in counter ( one of PAL’s ground staff) was a really rude. She kept saying “omg! something’s wrong with my computer!” in a really really annoying way. She refused to check my sister in because she said her computer blocked the check in since she needed to see my sisters credit card (it was an electronic ticket.) Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t able to bring her card, and we were informed that this would be no problem at the Cebu check in counter. Miss-rude-counter-girl wouldn’t listen to anything Diane would say, and she just kept mumbling mean little things. Diane asked if she could try again, because the girl at the next counter was able to access the her ticket, meaning it wasn’t blocked like she said it was. She rudely answered “Then check in at the next counter.”

Things were getting pretty heated by this time, and Jack and I hurriedly ran towards the chaos. When we got there, a supervisor was handling the situation, but the girl still kept babbling. (Pretty hard to understand the supervisor when a sharp whining voice keeps butting in.) The supervisor was pretty professional, and was able to handle the situation well. Diane gave him thanks and told him that the reason why things came out of hand was because the girl at the counter was being extremely rude to her. Things were about to get solved, when the girl screams “siiiiiiir, I was only doing my job!” imagine her saying that like a bimbo. My mom tells Diane to shut up and stop complaining, so we could wrap up the mess. The girl at the counter didn’t get this and continued on saying “she cant treat me like this!” followed by a loud yelp for “SECURITY!”

What the hell was that.

Of course no security came to her rescue because, (1) it was totally uncalled for, (2)her voice was UNDENIABLY ANNOYING, and (3) well, ill say number 2 again.

Who freaking calls for security when a situation is under control and about to be fixed? No one was yelling (well, at least before she called security), and no one did anything except stand there! I was pretty embarrassed for her, actually. Everyone looked at her like she was some kook!

No one can blame my mom for her sudden rage of anger after that. Well, all of us were pretty pissed off actually. Thank God the supervisor was there to calm everyone down. I still think my mom should’ve ripped her head off, but whatever. I am nothing but a silent observer. haha.

Day one, 3 hours into the journey, and already things seem eventful.

Thank you, mom!

My sisters and I got invites to the Glitterati Fashion Show at SM Cebu’s Northwing Atrium. We always end up wearing the same things to these events, so we decided to call dibs on whoever thought of her outfit first. Diane decided to wear an electric blue dress, and I went for vintage chic. I rummaged through mom’s closet, and among all the super cute outfits, I found her vintage En Sepia Blazer by Jun Escario, and immediately fell in love. I also bagged myself a vintage Ralph Lauren long navy blue skirt (which Jack ended up wearing), an electric pleated black a-line skirt by Banana Rep, a jane shilton camel leather messenger bag, a Celine Paris stewardess bag (which I’m also using above) and some totally awesome dresses that do not fit me. Thank you mom for your gorgeous clothes!

Diane and Jack got their manes permed that morning, and after we all got dressed for the event, we looked like 3 korean sisters on the way to a party! The two got first hand experience of the same racism I’m always subjected to for looking Korean. I wonder why people always have to shout phrases at us, like we cant understand them. Do they think it makes them look any less perverted? Sometimes I wish people here would dress up more, so people who do dress up don’t stand out that much.

Photos by the awesome JackKaye!

Rootote Giveaway Winner!

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