Chalk Magazine Feature


On rocking trendy neutrals

Decided to go for a men’s cardigan over some summery basics and classic accessories. The cardigan was the wrong choice for the extremely hot weather that day! I remember feeling suuuper gross and sweaty after this shot was taken! Oh well, at least the picture looks good :)

The Bestfriend, Gillian. Always so polished, feminine and proportioned. Lucky skinny *toot* hehe I kid. :)

Olga Moriles, supermodel extraordinare, who is taking the board exam RIGHT THIS MOMENT!

Cebu’s cutiepie and biggest Gibo Teodoro endorser, Jaye Borromeo, also taking the board exam right now!

It’s so fun to get “spotted” with your friends! I love the thrill of gushing over which angle makes you look the skinniest, which buttons to close and which to open, deciding whether or not to put on more make up, pulling out five different heels in the same color and choosing which ones work best with the clothes, and looking for Jaye’s mysterious disappearance, only to find her retouching her face at the nearest comfort room!

Thanks much to LeaAnn and Chalk Magazine for the Feature :)

Lloyd Gold

Thank you, DETAILBYDETAILS, for the awesome jacket!

Thank you, again, MICHAEL ANTONIO, for my new favorite heels! (ala Carrie’s first outfit in SATC 2!)

Thank you, JACKKAYE, for the lovely photos.

Thank you, MARCO POLO, for the awesome salmon sashimi filled dinner.

and lastly,

Thank you, PHILIPPINE LTO, for once again screwing me over.

Just about to give up on this BLASTED license.

and just because its a cool word,

I’ll say it again: BLASTED!

Smyth Brown

I feel like a school girl in these.

If by some weird twist of fate, I suddenly inherit a school and become its directress, I would definitely require everyone to come creatively dressed in their own version of the school girl uniform. Why hinder creativity at such a young age?

Photo by JackKaye.

Im so happy my sister is home! No more self-timer. haha unfortunately, the photos above are a bit out of focus because of some technical glitches (probably my fault).

Thanks again to michael antonio for the lovely shoes :)

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