Smyth Brown

I feel like a school girl in these.

If by some weird twist of fate, I suddenly inherit a school and become its directress, I would definitely require everyone to come creatively dressed in their own version of the school girl uniform. Why hinder creativity at such a young age?

Photo by JackKaye.

Im so happy my sister is home! No more self-timer. haha unfortunately, the photos above are a bit out of focus because of some technical glitches (probably my fault).

Thanks again to michael antonio for the lovely shoes :)

My Leno Blues.

Photos by JackKaye


These Leno Blue heels are so gorgeous, I could cry!

Thanks to Patrick for sending them over :)

More to come. <3

Visit :)


Someone (one of the millions) called me “Sandara” yesterday while I was looking for magazines in a bookstore. Obviously, he thought I was Korean, and couldn’t understand what he was saying. I get this a lot, but unlucky for him, I was really pissed of that day. Totally gave him a piece of my mind. He was so shocked (and Im sure embarrased) at the fact that I FREAKIN UNDERSTOOD HIM. Sigh. I hate rude people.

Slow in the Drum Roll

Hi everyone!

Let me share my shame:

Apparently, the half made up Kat Lozano and I star in this year’s ADMU booklet for admissions.


The photo was taken while we were getting ready for a CADs concert. We had the company call while we were putting on our make up, so we  had to stop while weren’t quite done yet! Papa A took some photos for the concert and the school and sent them in. A few months later…SURPRISE SURPRISE! haha

Thanks to LEYA, a sweetie pie reader, for telling me about this!

On other news:

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Im going to announce the sweetheart who had an awesomely awesome response for my blogaversary giveaway! It was really really hard to pick JUST ONE WINNER, when there were soooo many awesome answers to choose from! Again, i have to stress that all I expected were one-liners, and I got showered with a whole lot of love! OVERWHELMING! haha

But anyway, on with the program! A winner MUST be chosen!


and …….the winner is…….

Risheila Llyn Tan!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway contest and to everyone else who just sent their love. <3 Promise to respond to all of you!

To those who didn’t win, don’t worry! More giveaways are scheduled to come your way this month! :)

…and I promise to have simpler questions! haha.



June 28-July 2

MVP Roofdeck

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