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A few months ago, Monica Ditsworth from whattowear.com asked ME to be one of their FEATURED STYLISTS. Such an honor to be asked! Their other featured stylists include stylist to hollywood celebrities, such as Susan Joy (Alexa Chung), Nicole Chavez (Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Scarlett Johanson, Brittany Murphy), Tammy Eckenswiller (MK Olsen, Rihanna), Nick Steele (Beyonce), and the like.

Who & What is What to Wear?

What to Wear is an interactive Q&A site, powered by Like.com, that gives you real-time answers to all your burning fashion questions from celebrity stylists, Glamour experts and the online fashion community. Proprietary visualization technology allows you to send and receive style advice through images of actual garment, accessories, and outfits, which can be purchased directly online from retailers.

Got Fashion Questions?

Glamour experts, celebrity stylists, top fashion bloggers, and the extended fashion community are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your queries about what to wear on that first date, to a wedding, or on any old day when you’re having trouble getting inspired. In addition to connecting you to the best fashion advice out there, What to Wear also gives you outfit recommendations complete with images from which you can actually shop. Never again feel stumped staring into that closet — your network of personal stylists is here to help you figure out what to wear!

Got Style Answers?

If you have a profound love for fashion and a deep desire to make the world a more fashionable place, you’ll fit right in as a member of our fashion community. On What To Wear, you can follow conversations about all your favorite fashion topics, trends, and brands; share your unique fashion point of view; teach others how wear an item or style themselves for a particular event; and discuss all the most exciting things happening in fashion–all around the world.

The website finally launched last Thursday, June 17 at 8 a.m. EDT. Do check it out when you can!

Acting Japanese.

Thanks to Gerry of yue’meeda Germany for the shirt!
and Thanks to the amazing Raleene Cabrera for the photo!

Tomorrow is yet again another photoshoot day! and as always, I’m super excited for the turn out! The best part about all these photoshoots is getting to work with your FABULOUS best friend the whole time! Let me just brag about her awesomeness for a bit. Here’s a preview of the photoshoot she recently styled.

awesome, yes? :)


The final installment of the WAGW Pre-fall collection comes out tomorrow at 10:30 AM! Don’t forget to check it out! :)

Run Wild.


Flying to Manila on the first or second week of July for some gigs and long awaited shoots! FUN! As always, I cant wait to see how that turns out!

Also, I got featured in the JUNE issue of MEG magazine! :) Scans soon! Thanks to Anne for including me.

Traveling a lot in the coming months, wish to have some fun stories to tell!

Looking forward to the shoot this weekend. Spent much of today conceptualizing and finalizing plans! Thanks to all those aspiring models who sent their photos to WAGW!

Excited for WAGW tie ups and my coming BLOGAVERSARY (and BLOGAVERSARY SURPRISE) in JUST ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!! :)

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