Tutti Fruitti goes to work on a sunday

I am thoroughly depressed because I JUST BROKE MY PHONE. :(

Today, I went on my first personal shopping escapade. Except for the fact of the aforementioned incident, it went pretty well. My “client” was so excited, she hastily ordered her 5 year old daughter to strip in the middle of the store, and try on all the things I picked out for her. Thank God we ran out of time to shop for the mother’s clothes, lest she act just as hastily and strip her own clothes in public as well. I will be continuing the shopping mission tomorrow, and I do hope all goes well. It’s a pretty stress relieving challenge.

Later in the day, I took my niece to a kiddy party, where we totally creamed all the games and won all sorts of awesome kiddy prizes. My niece is one year old. She is a child wonder. My nephew, also child superstar, couldn’t make it because he has fever. I do hope you get to pray for him.

Then we headed home to cook our steak, seafood and paella family dinner. We had some white wine and champagne, which I fully took part of. Now, I am dizzy and kind of sleepy… and still a bit depressed that I lost that marvelous phone.

Pre Fall Batch 2

WAGW Pre Fall 2010 Collection

Batch 2 now available atย WAGW ONLINE

Model: Olga Moriles
Styling: Kryz Uy
Photo: Raleene Cabrera
Hair and Make Up: Pops Capul
Assisted by: Gillian Uang

Styling High

Styling from 9 to 5 in low platform 5 inchers. You have NO idea what that is like.

You start the day thinking you should definitely go for it. Midway, you realize you don’t feel your feet anymore, and it starts to get really cold. You’re vision blurs a little, and you shed a tear as the numbness climbs up your legs. At the end of the day, you take off those beautiful things that killed your feet, and you praise God for the rush of comfort again.

I feel like I should win an award for being able to surpass that insurmountable challenge. The next time you see a girl in heels, show some respect. haha She’s got some serious skill. :P

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