The awkward elite

You’re probably really tired of this outfit and these shots of my set with Rachel Alcantara. BUT, I have absolutely zero drive to shoot new ones right now. Although, I do have an interesting story to share. Let me make it up to you with that!

So, yesterday, Elite Model Management called me for a photo shoot. Apparently, they only chose 5 girls from their Cebu Go-see, and I’m one of them! I arrive at the studio, thinking I’d find girls like me, only to be surrounded a few seconds later with 3 extremely tall (and I mean EXTREMELY TALL) and skinny girls. They take one good look at me and dismiss the fact that I could be there for the same reason as they. Not a surprise, I don’t look so modelesque. haha

I go in the studio and much to my delight, I see a familiar face, Chai chai! Chai is also extremely tall and skinny, and is also a model. But somehow, I’m comforted by the fact that I know her, and I suddenly, I don’t feel so out of place anymore.

Chai arrived first, so she was asked to be the first one on the set. Looking at her made me feel like crap, because she was doing all these model-y things that I knew nothing about. I tried to brush off the insecurity I felt and chatted up Sharon, Elite’s brand manager, instead. Soon after, Xander Angeles, Creative Director and esteemed photographer, joined in the conversation. Thank God they were nice people. After a mini interview about my past and future career, Sharon and Xander asked me to submit my resume! They wanted to hire me for a Marketing position! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

When it was finally my turn on the set, I realized what a total newb I was. I felt totally awkward doing the things they asked me to do! Neck forward, tilted head, bent shoulders, parted lips, arched back, angled body, neck on shoulders… I kept thinking “holy crap, they’re trying to make me look anorexic!” and “I bet they regret picking me, now!” It was sooo hard to keep a straight face, when all I wanted to do was burst out laughing.

But much to my surprise, Xander came to the set and asked me if I had plans of moving back to Manila. I said no, but that I could make plans. I asked him jokingly, “Why? you wanna hire me?” and he answered “I want to sell you! To commercials!” At that point, I was totally confused. I look nothing like these freakishly proportioned tall girl wonders, and yet, he took such interest in me. (Maybe the market’s looking for exotic/awkward beauty? haha) After my turn, Xander told me that this other photographer wanted a shoot with me! (and again, I think to myself “okay, they really are looking for awkward people.”)

I left the shoot with 5 calling cards, email promises, and a whole lot of confusion, which up to now, I still don’t really understand.


See me being awkward below:

rachel caught me mid-sentence while she shot this!

mmmm i look hungry!

On Outfit Nostalgia

Just thought I’d repost one of my favorite summer looks before the season finally ends.

I remember rushing to finish sewing the hems of my skirt before I left the house that day. This outfit flew me from Cebu to Manila to finish packing up my stuff. I went to Shang with my cousin and bought the awesome floral brooch/bracelet in the pictures above. I also remember wanting to check out the Rustan’s fire sale at Shang, but being discouraged by the bajillion shop-crazy mom’s in line at the counter. In between shopping and coffee, I met the lovely Tricia Gosingtian in this outfit too. She was shooting people in the mall for the Johnson’s Soft Skin campaign, and she took these photos of me. I also met a group of chefs (young and old, haha) who took my cousin and I to a steakhouse, where we sat, ate, and waited for their American friend who thought Shangrila was in Quezon City.

I love looking at old photo’s and remembering the exact course of events that happened. Strangely, its not so much the picture that helps me remember, but the outfit I wore that day. Probably one of the reasons why I love dressing up, and why I’d never be caught dead in a “shirt-jeans-slippers” combination when no reason calls for it!

Band Hero

Today was filled with very diverse events.

1. Work.

2. Hot flash/mood swings because its that time of the month.

3. Visit the new church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints. Its a huge monument near my house, and its absolutely amazing. Rumors say that the best of everything was used to construct the temple, no matter what the cost. Tomorrow is their last day of opening it up for the public to see. After that, they dedicate the place, and only “worthy” people are allowed inside. It was fun walking around the place with plastic over our shoes (they had kids kneel down and wrap it around our feet before we entered!) I suggest you go see it, if you still haven’t. Totally worth it! Although my outfit was kind of screaming “i dont belong”, as all the other women were dressed in long skirts and polos.

4. Coffee and cake with old ballet friends.

5. Surprise and kind-of-forced casting call for a modeling agency in the middle of the Mall. I declined twice, but eventually was forced to parade my ass back to their little set up and get myself recorded. TOTALLY embarrassing.

6. Argue with a mother for getting the last loaf of wheat bread on the shelf.

7. Work.

Yes, my day was as random as this outfit.

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