Palace of Fine Arts

Finally, SF! I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time, just because everyone always has good memories from here. The one place all my friends told me to make sure to see was the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s a grand structure by the marina, perfect for photos. We were quite worried at first, because it rained so hard in the morning. But as we all know, San Francisco weather is truly bi-polar. By the time we got to the Marina, the skies were as blue as can be! We got to take some cute photos when the wind wasn’t blowing us away (it was sooo chilly!). I especially loved the play of shadows and light against the pillars from the afternoon sun. Slater and I spent the day walking around the lagoon, playing with the flock of pigeons that hung out there, and soaking up the beautiful sun. Β <3


Doesn’t Slater look so cute matching the walls? 😜

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H&M hat