Pale Pink

How lucky were we that the weeks we decided to head over to VanCity were the precise days for an early Cherry Blossom season, and about 11 straight days of glorious perfect weather? Because of that, we spent every single day outside (yes, even in the 3 days of pouring rain) and explored Vancouver so intimately, it was hard to step out and part when we had to. You’ll soon see just how much there is to do in this lovely city- food, sites and all. For today, we went walking around Georgia Street and snapped photos under the beautiful Cherry blossom tree until our fingers couldn’t take the cold anymore. We then headed to Pacific Centre Mall (not much there, really) and dined at Cafe Medina along Richards St. Word of advice? Head over there EARLY as this place gets PACKED! We waited for about 45 minutes and just used the time to snap outfit shots outside. Medina serves breakfast all day and they make some mean Coffee + Waffles. I ordered the Fricassée Champignon which was basically 2 fried eggs with sherry roasted mushroom ragout, spice roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, applewood smoked cheddar, seasonal greens with grilled focaccia. Sounds intimidating but tasted so immensely good, I thought about it so many times during our trip! We ate a lot up here, so expect a lot of food in the coming days! Vancouver has such a great mix of culinary delights, it completely ruined my never-started-but-almost-happened-diet! Fortunately, everything was extraordinary and it kept my belly at an all time high! More to come, so stay tuned!

 Wildfox sweater, Guess jeans, Skechers sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag

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