Paper Boy

Nautical pieces always make you look sophisticated, even when they’re done so casually so. Agree? I got these new loafers from Sperry a few days ago, and was so excited to wear them out! They’re so comfortable and tomboyish (a complete opposite of me!) I tried to dress a bit more masculine to pick up from the vibe of my shoes, but I just couldn’t do it! I traded in my boyfriend jeans for white cut offs instead! I’m totally looking forward to wearing these shoes again though! I want to keep coming up with an outfit completely different from this one. It’s just so challenging to buy something in a new style, and I love the rush of creativity that brings! So, any ideas?

Also, my hair is so straight already! It looks fine when I blow dry it, but it’s insanely unruly when I just leave it be! It’s so hard to manage your mane in these in-between stages! Still deciding on whether I want to re-perm it or not! What do you think?

Lastly, I can’t thank you guys enough for your comments! I enjoy reading each and every one! Just so sorry that I really can’t find the time to respond to them anymore, but I really do hope you keep leaving them! Merci Beaucoup!

ShopThisEasy top, Aldo hat (Similar here), Louis Vuitton bag, F&X shorts (similar here), Sperry loafers (similar here), Beauty and Butter nails

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18 Responses to Paper Boy

  1. Dane says:

    Hey! Love the outfit! Especially the Sperry loafers, I’m a huge fan of Sperry top-sider! :)

    We’ve got a blog here, feel free to leave comments and suggestions! Your views and shares would be mean to us! Views, share, comments and suggestions are the basis for our midterm. Thank you! =)

  2. Chey Jose says:

    Maybe try super straight hair with full bangs? To bring out your asian look more. Hehe. But hey, I just had my hair permed (medium+large curls just like yours) and im suuuper excited when it’s loose enough to achieve that sexy beach waves look. all inspired by you!

  3. Christine says:

    This look so laid-back and effortless. I love it especially the top!

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