Park Güell, Barcelona

The SPAINORITAS have arrived! It’s been a while since our last blogger besties trip, and we’re sooo happy we finally made it to Europe! This time, #TheTrio + Nicole was joined by Nana, our very goofy friend from Iloilo. We had such an AMAZING time! Looking at these photos again gives me so much separation anxiety!

This first post from Spain will take you all the way to the beautiful Park Guell in Barcelona. An architectural wonderland within a nature park, designed by Antonio Gaudi. (Barcelona is all about this guy!) It was our first stop when we landed in Barcelona, and our last. Yes, we visited twice! That’s how much we loved the place! Ok ok, in all honestly, we went back the second time around because we didn’t know we had to secure tickets to enter a certain part of the park. Make sure you guys book online to save you the hassle of having to line up and ask around! There were so many confused tourists, and we were one of them!

On our first day, we didn’t have any tickets, and were limited to just a small area of the park. We still made do and enjoyed listening to the locals serenade us with music. We sunbathed all that Spanish sun- until we were so lapoch we decided it was time to go home and shower! Turns out, summer in Spain is very much like summer in the Philippines!

When we came back the second time around, we knew more or less that the best time to go was at 7:00pm. The sun would have settled down by then (sunset is at 9:30PM!), and we’d be able to take pretty photos and enjoy the view without the extreme heat!

Naturally, we all came back dressed in our best. The park is very photogenic after all! My peg for the day was Koreanovela chic. LOL.

Matchy matchy with Nicole!

 Capping this post off with my muni-muni moment overlooking BarTHelona. This city is just so beautiful! More photos to come!