PC Summit Day 2

The second day of the Unilever PC Summit was dedicated to the hair care brand: Creamsilk. Their strong brand message is to live limitless, and we got to do exactly that with our itinerary for the day. We were given the option to stay in the resort, take a boat ride to the different islands of El Nido, or go on an adventure by Kayaking to the Big and Small Lagoons. Can you guess what I forced Laureen to do with me???

That’s right, Kayaking! I might not seem like your typical adventure kind of girl (because well, I’m really not) but hey, when life gives you opportunities like that, you go ahead and jump in!

The sights we got to see were beyond amazing. I couldn’t believe that this wonder is just a few hours away from Manila! Laur and I were so happy we decided to join the adventure trail. Just take a look at this breath taking view! I didn’t even mind so much that it took us a crazy amount of time to paddle from one end to another (and through those mini holes to get to the secret spots!)

Here’s everyone parked together with our paddles up. Can you spot Laureen and I?

We headed back to the resort a little after lunch to check out the Cream Silk pavilions and the demonstrations they had prepared for us. The place was decorated so nicely- pink lanterns, floating flowers, infinity pool, lounge chairs- i felt like the only things missing were a few bottles of Moët and a bunch of my friends to relax the night away!

The stunning Apples Aberin welcomed us to the pavillion in her chic white number, and Laureen, Jenni and I took the first few moments to snap away. #bloggerwork My fave product from their line is the Daily Treatment conditioner that acts like a salon hair treatment at the speed of a conditioner! They demonstrated a comparison between virgin hair (never been treated, colored etc.), processed hair and hair with Cream Silk, and the result was amazing! The hair with Cream Silk untangled so much faster than the virgin hair! I was so excited to try out the product myself, and to be completely honest, I haven’t stopped using it since! It’s perfection in a tube!

When I got back to our villa, the sweetest thing greeted me. A bouquet of two dozen roses and the most heart warming note from Mike. I felt so loved on top of all the pampering I was getting from Unilever. I thank God everyday for giving me such a happy and blessed life, with such amazing people in it.

As the day drew to a close, a few of us gathered to hang out with some wine by sunset, and it made me realize how insanely lucky I was to be there, relaxing with such a world class view right in front of me, and how incredibly blessed I am to have all these experiences and opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without this blog. Thank you Unilever and all my loyal readers for giving me these memories!

 Stay tuned for PC Summit Night 2, soon!