Phat Pho

Since I’m always eating out anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some of my food trips with you guys! This one is of a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant in Cebu called Phat PhoIt’s run by one of my favorite restaurant companies, the Abacca group, so trying it out was a no brainer move. They’re open for lunch at 11:30-2PM and dinner at 5-10PM (11PM Fri&Sat), and unfortunately for us, they don’t accept reservations! Seating is first come first served, and they don’t have a lot of seats, so you better come early, or wait in line.

I was never a fan of Vietnamese food because I found it mostly bland and boring (hey, different strokes for different folks!), but I’ve learned to enjoy it more now that I’m into all this healthy eating stuff. My favorite dish would probably be the Vegetarian Goi Con (Php185), especially when dipped in that sweet yet savory peanut sauce! It’s the perfect healthy starter here in my honest opinion. I don’t eat meat so I can’t exactly tell you how the Chicken Satay (Php225) tasted, but my sister Jack seemed to like it!

For my main course, I had the Pho Bo (Php315) or the Classic Vietnamese beef soup with Angus. Beef??? Angus?? Relax! I took the meat out and gave it to my dad #FakeVegetarian. But I wasn’t too sold on this. It didn’t really taste like anything special- just like plain old noodle soup. That’s probably why I attacked it with heaps of hot sauce! Also, I know that’s probably not the best description in the world and my being a Pescatarian totally limits my #FeelingFoodBlogger abilities, but I know you guys will still love me for trying!!! (Please? Pretty please?)

I also had their Vietnamese Coffee (Php 90) (I told ya I need my coffee after every meal!) which Mike really really liked. It comes in a coffee drip contraption, and you have to wait for the coffee to…well… drip before you can drink it. It was probably more like an expresso shot more than an actual cup of coffee because see that photo above? That was probably one of the last drops that came out! The coffee was really strong, so it helped that the glass was already filled with about 2 tablespoons of super sweet condensed milk to balance off the flavor. Mike loved it, but I didn’t really. I had to fill the glass with hot water just so it wouldn’t be too sweet!

If you want to know what else you can order at Phat Pho, here’s a peek at their Menu.

Phat Pho is located at:

Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City 6000, Philippines


Well, that’s that for food, here’s what I wore to eat it! A super simple and super not-me outfit! In fact, when I came out of my room, Jack exclaimed “Hey, your outfit is so me today!” I think I’m spending too much time with her, and she’s rubbing her personality too much on me! lol

Basically, I just wanted to be super comfortable. So leggings and loose things it was! No really. It was a gloomy day and that time of the month where we women just get away with feeling blah. This is my blah moment. (No offense Jack, lol)

A little side note that you probably didn’t ask for but here it is anyway! This is probably not the most “blog worthy” outfit, but an outfit that I wore nonetheless! I honestly think that my blog should represent me as a whole (well, as whole as I can virtually go without baring all my privacy!), and not just the days I feel like wearing heels and doing my hair. After all the interviews I’ve done on how I started my fashion blog, I’ve come to realize that I didn’t start it as a fashion blog. I didn’t just want to chronicle what I wore, I started typing because I loved just writing about what I did and anything I wanted! And I think I’m going to do more of that from now on. Hope you guys can support me (don’t leave me *tears*) as I take you with me (sometimes) on where I eat, or travel, or shop! And if that made any sense at all, let me know what you guys think!

Levi’s denim polo, Mango shirt, WAGW leggings and sunglasses (old), S&H oxfords, Louis Vuitton bag, Nixon watch from Meridian Timepieces

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