Phuket Day 1

Although I have a lot of pending posts, I just can’t help but push this one up to the top of the list. Phuket was just so amazing, and I want all of my readers to share my happy experience with me while the memories are still fresh (though I think I wont be forgetting about this trip for a very long time!) Just look at this amazing view of the sunset from our hotel in Westin Bay! My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw it, and I took about a billion shots or more just to capture the moment. It’s breathtaking, and there’s no other way to say it.

To get to Phuket, I took a flight to Manila, slept over Laureen’s place for like 2 hours, went back to the airport, took a flight to Bangkok, waited for a few more hours, then boarded another plane to Phuket. Yes, it was a looong trip but it was damn worth it! I was so excited to see the strip of beach from my seat on the plane! Laur, Cams and I were jumping and dancing in our seats as soon as we saw it. We were sooo ready to have fun and bond!

We all brought our small travel cameras with us because we didn’t want to lug around huge SLRs while walking around the city. I brought a Canon s100 and Canon Powershot G1X just so I could play around with it. I knew it was a great opportunity to take beautiful photos, and I was totally right. The scenery was beyond words! All photos taken on this post and in my coming ones about Thailand are taken with just these digital cameras!

We stayed at a huge suite in Westin Bay, with two balconies, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a dining area, a living room and a bedroom. My favorite spot? The balcony overlooking this beautiful sunset of course! I could just stay there and watch the beautiful landscape change dramatically before me. The world is such a truly beautiful place.

For dinner, we headed to Siam Indigo in Phuket Town where we met the lovely French owner. I loved the interior design of the restaurant. All the paintings were done in intricate mosaic, and they had such interesting furniture, like mosaic swings, red lace lamps and used wood finishings. The food was also amazing and we ordered sooo much because the servings were small and we eat like monsters. I didnt take a photo of all the entrees we had cause I was too busy munching it down! I forgot the name of the owner, but she was so cool, and she recommended that we go to a chill bar after dinner for some drinks. Before we left, she even treated us to Black Sambuca shots and drank with us!

We also met Cherry, a local from Phuket who was so fun. She’s already 12 years older than me, but she could pass off as a teenager, don’t you agree?

We had soooo much fun already on our first day in the island. I think part of the reason why I had a blast was not only because of Phuket is just awesome-period, but because I had the chance to share that awesome-ness with equally amazing people. Laur and Cams were my first ever blogger friends back in 2010, when they became the ambassadors for WAGW, and our friendship has grown exponentially since then. So happy to be reunited with them again. Never a dull moment with you crazies! Til our next adventure!

Red dress from Urban Dressing, Bag from SM Accessories, Sunnies from Jimmy Choo, Bikini from Blue Glue Bali, Coverup from Eudora

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34 Responses to Phuket Day 1

  1. Charisse Roa says:

    The BBFs (Blogger Best-Friends)! :) I wish Patricia and Lissa were there to join you ladies, your group would be complete. The place is stunning and I think everytime you wanna take a break from work and other stuffs, you always prefer to go to the beach and unwind <3

  2. Caith says:

    What setting ang backlighting color do you use for capturing photos? And also the lens used for capturing.

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