Phuket Day 2: Kata Beach

On our second day in Phuket, we headed to the beautiful Kata beach. Phuket has a number of beaches within the city, and one of the most recommended ones is Kata. I love how well they maintained the whole area despite having a lot of tourists visiting all the time. The place reminded me of the Philippines’ very own White Beach on Boracay Island, but less crowded and with more places to run around. This was also probably the highlight of my trip to Thailand because the girls and I had soooo much fun here goofing around and enjoying the awesome scenery. Plus, we had really good food for really cheap! That’s one of the things we love about Thailand! If ever you’re in Phuket, make sure to head over to Kata beach, you surely won’t regret it!

Matching Furla bags and iPhone cases while heading to our destination.

I don’t know if this is really how it is in Phuket, but all the cabs we rode while we were in the city were pretty nice vans, and they didn’t have any meters on them. Each trip had a pre-calculated price, depending on how far it was from your point of origin! We ended up spending so much on cabs because we lived at Westin Bay, which was on the other side of town!

I can already imagine my dad shaking his head at this photo! I always photobomb family pictures or save weird faces of myself and make it wallpapers on their phones, and he always says he will never understand me. Well Dad, here are two other crazies who do the exact same thing! teehee.

We grabbed lunch at OK restaurant and Ska bar. The food was really really good (especially since we were really really hungry), the staff was nothing but accommodating, and we were anything but disappointed! Look at how cute the whole set up is! All the restaurants and commercial spaces go a few meters back of the beach so it’s not cluttered and very easy to go through!

We got candy colored drinks because we couldn’t fight the pastel-loving side of us enough to get any other normal one. We had no idea what was in it, or if it tasted good, but we didn’t care! Look how pretty and picture perfect? #BloggerPriorities

We also wanted to go parasailing but they only allowed us to go one at a time, and all we wanted was to stay together and bond. So instead, we wrote our names on the sand, jumped and rolled around with the crashing waves and laughed til we couldn’t breathe anymore!

And as always, time flies like light when you’re having a blast. Before we knew it, sunset was coming and we had to pack up and head home. Of course, not before taking a few shots of the jaw dropping horizon. #JawStillOnTheFloor

Days like these are the kinds I will never forget. Kata beach, here’s to hoping we meet again!

Straw fedora (similar here), Roxy bikini, Romwe skirt (similar here), Sunpocket sunnies (similar here), Melissa sandals

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All photos taken with Canon Powershot G1X
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30 Responses to Phuket Day 2: Kata Beach

  1. Jenny Pak says:

    That skirt fits your waist perfectly. What is your waist size Kryz?

  2. Caroline says:

    your photos make my day more shiny! Love this pics really…♥

  3. sassyshann says:

    Amazing photos & the ombre skirt is so perfect & summery!


  4. Cynthia Bk says:

    Seems like so much fun!
    Love your beach attire~

  5. Kristine says:

    Cute skirt! :)

    Unique arm candies at very low prices at Green Berries!

  6. ju says:

    hi kryz! where’d you get that “girls with class don’t need a glass” flask? :)

  7. Mars says:

    Love the attire. Love the place. Love the story. :D
    (and i love your tip-toe-ing strategy. I also do that! Lol. :))

  8. Melissa says:

    Love your hat & glasses !

    <3 Melissa

  9. Ren says:

    My mom told me that Thailand was very beautiful they sell cheaper products right? That’s why she resulted into over baggage. Did you experience it too?

  10. Regina says:

    wow! The nice photos..when I look at it, it’s as if I am also there..thanks for sharing Ms.Kryz!! :)

  11. Lea says:

    I don’t usually say this but…. I feel like going to the beach. HAHA! More like I miss it. :’)
    Lovely photos. I want that iPhone case. HAHA! :)

  12. ‘Girls with class do not need a glass’ :-) – I completely agree on that.

    Soumya Jadhav-Korade

  13. irina says:

    ola como vai,sempre que tenho tempo dou uma passada no seu blog acho linda as tuas roupas e cada lugar lindo que você tira foto…
    amei a melissa linda muito linda… beijos!

  14. Laverne says:

    Hi! Where can I get the iPhone case same as yours? :)


  15. Jianne says:

    Seems like a really lovely trip! :)
    I can’t wait to see the 3 of you in Bloggers United 4. So excited! :D

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