So here we are at Gotham City, where the skies are blue, buildings are high, and where our enemies lie in that sole dark corner… Ooookay Kryz that’s enough! Injustice league is taking over my life! lol Aside from carpel tunnel taking its toll on my arm (damn you rapid tap!) Everything seems like a place where superheros and bad guys meet! But seriously guys, this may look a lot like Gotham City (at least in my head it does), however it’s really just Metro Manila! This was actually the view from my hotel room balcony just a few weeks ago! In the heart of bustling Makati lies a boutique hotel called Picasso– fittingly filled with art pieces and modern decor that I’ll be happy to show you below!

Right when you enter the lobby, there are wire art pieces propped up on a white wall- very reminiscent of an art gallery! Even the floors are marbled, and the lights on top facing the works of art! If you head over to the second floor, there’s a cozy WiFi lounge that I used to update you guys while on my stay there!

I stayed in the Malaga studio room which had bright colored red and green walls, a flat screen TV and other basic necessities. I had a love-hate relationship with this bed above while I was there. I crashed on it every night after a full looooong day (from Bloggers United, The Fashion Blogger Talk, setting up bazaars and shoots!) and though I didn’t spend much time here, this bed totally has a special place in my heart now for knocking me out cold 3 nights straight!

Each floor and corner of the hotel was filled with interesting art pieces which made it feel so much more youthful and inviting. I especially love the cemented hands installation which you’ll find in the following photos below!

The rooms came with complimentary breakfast which made my bottomless pitt of a tummy exceedingly happy! I made sure to head down by 9:50 AM despite the warm embrace of my bed as the breakfast was only available up to 10AM, and guys, when I’m hungry, it only takes me 10 minutes to down 3 plates of breakfast food! I proceeded to grab my fill from their buffet table and order my omelettes and coffee. It was here that I discovered how good toasted jam (oh yes, toasted jam) with bread and emmenthal cheese is!

Now for the best part of the hotel- the Gym. I’m a gym buff and having a good place to workout is really important to me. When I saw the hotel gym, my jaw dropped to the floor! Incredible architecture, wall to ceiling mirrors and great equipment! Plus, enough light to take decent instagram pictures! #bloggerpriorities lol

I was so excited about this place that I didn’t mind trying out the machines in my heels!

Thank you to Picasso hotel for sponsoring my stay last week, and to Mike for coming all the way to Makati to help me with the photos for this post!

Picasso Hotel is managed by Hospitality International Inc. 
The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences
119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines 1227
T. +63 2 828.4774
F. +63 2 828.9141
E. reservations@picassomakati.com
*all photos taken with my Fujifilm XE1