Playsuit in the Office

I absolutely love rompers. They are such an easy solution to lazy day dressing because you don’t have to think much about what goes with it. It’s much like a dress, though the bottom half is a pair of shorts- perfect for girls who move a lot like me! It’s an all in one wonder and which means you will have no trouble finding the perfect top or bottom to go with it! That buys your creative juices more time to go playful with accessories and the rest of the things we take for granted most of the time.

I wore this classic red playsuit with hints of reptalia, playing up the fun animal print collar. I also tied my hair up in a bun to avoid looking messy and to draw the attention to the piece’s single detail. I especially love this cute patchwork clutch and lady bug cocktail ring I have on from WAGW’s future collection! They add so much detail to my otherwise simple look! If you want it, you can order it ahead of everyone else by filling this up and linking my photo in the description bar. My readers always get first dibs!

Also, don’t you just love my minty polish? It’s Essie’s “Navigate Her” from a quick and convenient online shop called Polished. I love how unique this shade is! I don’t know if I’m living under a rock or not, but I haven’t seen this shade of green a lot! It’s such a pop of cuteness!

Instead of wearing chunky heels, I opted to go the girly route with this classic suede pump, and upped the design by pairing it with brown dotted socks. It instantly made my look feminine and more eye catching. Don’t you agree?

 What do you think about my look?

Korean Rose romper, WAGW bag, lady bug ring and bracelet, SM Accessories earrings and socks, Eazy Fashion stacked rings, Luxury Mall heels, Reecn sunnies, Goody ouchless elastic, Polished lacquer

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48 Responses to Playsuit in the Office

  1. Regine Salumbre says:

    cute playsuit! Prettyyyyyyy <3

  2. Joanna says:

    wow i like it! it’s very cuuute especially the lady bug ring ☺☺

  3. Isa Reynoso says:

    You look so pretty in this! The socks really added a cute touch while the heels are so classy in that color! <3 and I love your playsuit and sunnies so much! Gorgeous, Kryz! <3

  4. Kolleen says:

    I LOVE THE PATCHWORK CLUTCH! :) Ordered one! :) So nice to finally use my WAGW card again. I miss your store at Robinsons Galleria!

  5. Budjoy says:

    Hi Kryz,
    Is the clutch still available? :)

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