Postcards from Florida

I never really thought much about Florida (specifically Orlando) and assumed it was a “resort” city for families who want to visit Disney theme parks. Well, turns out… I’m right. LOL. Post Disney cruise, Lissa and I decided to stayed over for 2 more days, just to explore the city. The verdict? We weren’t exactly overwhelmed by it, unfortunately. If you’re anything like us, you might want to skip it. I don’t speak for the majority, so if theme parks are your cup of tea- you might share a different opinion. (No hate, just my 2 cents!)

 We stayed at the Hollywood Disneyland Hotel which gave us free access to their shuttle service and the opportunity to tour… even more Disney properties! And there are quite a number in that city, mind you! We were sort of over Disney-fied already so we chose Epcot, which turned out pretty nice. Stay tuned for that!


I’m typing this half asleep from Paris RN, so excuse the flow and abruptness 0f this post!


Don’t take a cab from the Airport to the Port, we ended up spending $150 for that cab ride alone!!!

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