Postcards from Pearl Farm

A few months ago, I took my team with me and we set sail for Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao. It was a work/bonding trip and I really had such a great time getting to know the people who help me run my blog/life a bit more. I never expected this blog could actually grow a team, but I’m happy to be here and happy to have talented people backing me up too. Crossing my fingers for a brighter future and an even bigger family of creatives. This is definitely the best job EVER. It’s not easy- but it’s definitely WORTH IT. If any of you want to join the team too, shoot me an email at and let me know what your talents are, and how you want to help. We can take it from there. 👍🏼

Though I don’t have much photos of all of us together, I do have some sick pictures of me and the place that I’ve already posted on Instagram. (In case you’re lacking a bit of vitamin me, check them out below LOL) My assistant Kym took them, and I have to say, I’m mighty proud! To think that when she first started working for me, she had absolutely zero know-how about operating a camera. Look how far she has come! The photos turned out absolutely amazing!

Wait up for my VLOG coming soon to know more about how we spent our time on this beautiful island. Thanks for the warm welcome, Pearl Farm!

My beautiful room had all these gorgeous red native pillows, I just had to snap a photo! With my RBF face from February Lifestyle of course!

Played dress up against this gorge backdrop!

Look at Kym’s stalker skills. Love it!

Another one of February bags I took with me on this trip. I always baon food because I eat like 20 times a day. Bananas are my ultimate fave fruit to munch on!

To achieve photo on the left, I had to take out my akyat bahay moves- as seen on the right. LOL. Don’t worry, no one was in the other house!

And another one. To achieve photo above, I had to pull this speed boat towards the shore and climb on it. LOL. See, told ya it’s not always pretty! Online life is 10% of real life- and NEVER FORGET THAT!

Sometimes I try to look like a sausage. LOL

Such a beautiful trip! Hope you enjoyed the photos! Wait up for the VLOG coming at you real soon!