Postcards from Rome

I took a 3 day trip to Rome with my big bro to watch the U2 concert with DJ Slick Rick and DJ Boom. It was fast, but it was fun! Though our travel time was probably the same length as our total stay in Europe- it was definitely worth it. We didn’t waste any time either! On our first day, we took a nice long bath and hit the streets with just a few hours of sleep! In day one alone, we saw the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, Pantheon and Colosseum! We even managed to have good Italian dinner and some gelato! Now that’s determination!

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20 Responses to Postcards from Rome

  1. March says:

    How I wish I could visit that lovely place too
    Grabeh Indota!

  2. Klah - Klah says:

    Your dress looks good on you ♥

  3. Jennifer says:

    How fun! I love the pictures and your outfit looks lovely. :)

  4. Nice photos 😉 I love Italy and Rome <3

  5. Mainou says:

    Love the photos!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Gel says:

    Hi Kryz!

    Excellent photos you got there. What camera did you use for this? Maybe you can also do a vlog on how you edit your photos and/or vlog? :)

    I always admire all your travel photos and vlogs. Keep it up!

  7. Macy says:

    Hi kryz! What specific camera are you using to take these amazing photos?:)

  8. Teesh says:

    Beautiful photos, Kryz! I watched your vlog and I kinda felt a little tired for you with that jam-packed trip. It still looked fun though! :)

  9. Steff says:

    3 letters !” WOW” ..

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