Postcards from Valencia

Barcelona was picturesque and delicious, but Valencia was just too much fun. Not to say the food was bad or that it wasn’t beautiful- cause duh, these photos will show you otherwise. Valencia (and their paella) now holds a special place in my heart as that quaint little city with the nicest people and the most fun parties.

Everywhere you look is a masterpiece. Just like most of Europe, the streets are lined with bits of history. It’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed!

We only had 2 days to explore Valencia, so we went around the old town and all things touristy on the first day, and explored Ruzafa, the indie neighborhood the second day.

The old town had all the iconic colosseums and cathedrals, immaculate architecture and touristy restaurants.

Ruzafa had all the tiny shops, art galleries and yummy cafés.

The city isn’t too big so you can easily spend a day or two in Valencia and then move on to the next city. We stayed at Hotel Malcom and Barrett, which was super nice, but quite far from the main attractions. It was so comfy and pretty though, totally what we needed in a hotel after all those nights out!

Next up- My Espanya Vlog! Watch out for it this Sunday!