Printed Matter

I love how this simple dress commands so much attention because of the print on it. I didn’t even have to layer anything on it, and I was already good to go! I love stunner pieces like this precisely for that reason. You don’t have to think about them! But of course, adding your own personal touch to the look is where the fun comes in. My take was playing with contrasting colors and coming up with a fun, playful yet stylish outfit. What do you think?

I love these shoes. They are so comfortable and I can totally walk miles in them with confidence, knowing I can protect myself from evil onlookers with the flick of my foot!

Of all neon hues, this has got to be my favorite. There’s something about highlighter yellow that makes it so appealing without hurting the eyes too much!

Urban Dressing dress, Luxury Mall boots, Zero UV sunnies, Extreme Finds neon necklace, Korean Rose yellow necklace

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