Quit Social Media #RealTalk

In this crazy and fast paced online world, a lot of us have difficulty coping. We see our favorite online icons or even our friends hamming it up for the gram, and we instantly compare our boring selves to their highlight reels. Social Media can cause depression. We need to be aware of what we are looking at before we fall into a false and totally unnecessary downward spiral. I can’t bear the fact that I might cause someone to feel this way. I post online because I want to share positivity and inspiration. I want to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves, and not try to be anyone outside of that. But images and captions can be taken the wrong way. I just wanted to talk to you guys and shed light on what I have been dealing with lately. Hopefully, you guys pick up a few things from this video and hopefully, you can join me in spreading the love. ❤️ As always, thanks for dropping by, and I love you all!

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25 Responses to Quit Social Media #RealTalk

  1. Darla Reolo says:

    This is the very reason why we are very grateful to have you, Kryz! <3 Your genuineness to us (your readers/followers) is also an indication that this world that we have can still be a better place to live in, especially for others who are somehow lost. This situation / experience is a long process but when you put things into its proper perspective, people will learn that it is OK to make mistakes and eventually learn and stand up from it; it is OK to laugh out loud; it is OK to just cry and cry; and that it is OK to love and get hurt all over again! We're all unique in every way and we just have to embrace that fact. Our flaws and imperfections won't make you less of a person and it won't define how great you really are. Stand up! Smile every morning and always be thankful! I always believe that no matter what, that person in front of me has always a good heart. Spread love and embrace love! <3

  2. Klah - Klah says:

    Slow clap! Haha! I really can relate to this. Thanks kryz for this post. I’m so thankful for the social influencers that I’m following not only Filipinos also to foreign bloggers/vloggers that they are posting topics like this. Because they are aware of the people who are following them have this depression because of the way their followers commenting on their post. Sometimes they will comment of how to gain followers and how to gain likes and that makes the influencers sad and guilty. Naks! Ka serious ani hahaha! nice vlog kryz!

  3. Jansell says:

    You’re right, it’s a serious issue that may affect the way a person’s perspective and way of life. Thanks Kryz for this post! Spread the love! <3

  4. Jennifer says:

    This post was so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this video and spreading this important message. :)

  5. Erika says:

    I just saw the negative comments on your YouTube video about how your feeding to the manufactured life issue, you don’t owe to explain to them. Just because you have better things or things they can’t have or you’re enjoying life all the time, just seizing every moment you could, it doesn’t give people the right to judge you or bash you. We only have one life to live, one story to tell and it wouldn’t hurt to do and find what would make us truly happy. If inspiring, reaching out and empowering women make you happy, I don’t see why not.

    • Kryz says:

      Thanks Erika. :) Youtube is really hater’s paradise but I just wanted to explain to those who didn’t understand :) Thanks for standing up for me.

  6. Jess says:


    You don’t know how much you touch me with this video. What you say is so damn sincere, it goes straight to my heart. Can I hug you? I haven’t met you yet, but I feel like you are a good person.

    Love you already.

  7. Cristina says:

    Thank you for this very inspiring story Kryz. Have shared this to my friends :) Continue to inspire and may God bless you and protect you all the time :)

  8. Steffany Teves says:

    I do like and love this video , I saw this on your yt channel! , and oww I commented there ! #bisdak . Lol! its so easy to express ur self w/ ur own language kasi . hehe . But anyways spreading Love always kryz <3 mwuuuuaaahuugs!

  9. Anne says:

    Hi, Kryz! I needed to hear this. Thank you! You’re an inspiration. ❤️

  10. yanssene says:

    You are right Kryz, while social media can be a source of inspiration, it can also be a source of our insecurities. a week ago I stop checking facebook, dahil lang pakiramdam ko nalulungkot ako lalo the more I scroll my feed. hahaha pahinga lang muna from it. I’m always happy reading your blog and watching your vlogs, you encourage me to accept myself as me. Thanks Kryz!!!!

  11. Weena says:

    Ate Kryz, grabe wala na gyu’y mas accurate ani nga video. As much as I want to comment in full English, dmd gyud kay it’s too accurate and real. I mean, tinuod gyud siya na it’s so easy to feel bad about yourself through social media and the thing about the continuous scroll in Instagram. Mahilig gyud ko mag scroll-scroll and mang stalk ug people sa Insta especially mga “it” girls gani, like mga gwapa unya fit kaayo and all. There are times na, wala’y effect lang sa akoa like dili bitaw ko ma sad or ma insecure but there are also times na sa kadugay nako’g scroll-scroll ug stalk, wala na wala nako sa mood. Down na kaayo ko, murag amaw. What I do is stalk people who kinda has the same body type as mine, ngita’g karamay ba! Hahaha but through that bitaw ate Kryz, mas okay ko. Like akoang huna-hunaon na “Siya man gane, wala na ulaw mag swimsuit tapos klaro kaayo iyahang bilbil” or etc. basta it lifts me up. Kanya kanya raman siguro na nga diskarte and thinking para ma lift nila ang ilang selves and through this video ate Kryz, grabe it made me SO happy knowing na I’m not alone diay. Even you nga blogger and all, na experience sad nimo. I just would like to say thank you for finally sharing it to the world that things like these happen and it’s not a joke. Thank you for sending out such a strong and heart felt message to all of us your readers and to the world. You seriously are one of the most genuine bloggers I’ve known. God bless you ate Kryz! Hope I can meet you soon! :)

    • Kryz says:

      haha ka cute nimo uy! dmd mag english kay its too real? hahah but yes, i agree. we’re all on the same boat don’t worry. hugs!

  12. Arra says:

    Finally, someone who talks about real issues. I truly commend you, Kryz, for speaking up and saying your thoughts and opinions. Continue to be an inspiration for all and don’t let the hate or negativity affect you.

    Have a great day!

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