Red with Nothing

My preference for clean girly dressing is an obvious point made across most of my posts here. Though I’d like to believe I have more range than just being a girly-girl, truth is, it’s my default style and I always feel comfortable in it! Give me a lace, hearts or skater skirts- and I’m there! Plus points if you can find all those details in one outfit! More than just classic romantic date looks, I like mixing it up with a few quirks that update the look to make it more modern and personal. For this one, I went for a total nude outfit with bursts of bright red and pop-art details like my cute heels and bag. Yay, or nay?

H&M top (similar here) and earrings, Didd skirt (similar here), Vivienne Westwood X Melissa heels, WAGW bag (sold out!), Zero UV sunnies (similar here), Phoebe’s Merchandise iPhone case, Beauty and Butter gel nails, Goody hair tie

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photos by Jack
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17 Responses to Red with Nothing

  1. Cae says:

    Your leg looks distorted in the last photo :( But looking gorge as always!!!!

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