Roxy Girls

A few days ago, Roxy hosted a fun day for bloggers at Nuvali, Laguna. I was insanely busy that day, but they were nice enough to accommodate my schedule and still include me in the line up, even offering to pick me up and take me home. How could I resist?

Fellow blogger, Lissa Kahayon, and I in flats. *gasp!!!*

We had a yummy meal at Sumosam right when we arrived. We were supposed to join the other bloggers for lunch, but the good people of Roxy were nice enough to hold a separate one for us to fit in our tight schedules!

When we finally arrived at the Quicksilver store, everyone was already getting cozy on their roxy pillows, while getting their nails done by Nailaholic Salon. Slumber party lang ang peg!

I loved the tiki/beach inspired decorations, like the low bamboo tables with sand and shells! It really helped set the summer mood! I also really enjoyed this energy drink called Rockstar Punched. Its the first time I’ve seen it, and already, I’m so attracted!

Wet and Wild showed the other bloggers how to apply beach appropriate make-up while we were eating. I wish I got to see that! It sounds so interesting!

Here are our hot hosts, who rock the longboard and look so effortlessly sexy doing it! Envy!!! They announced that we would be given a styling challenge where we would be randomly grouped into 3. Each group got a theme and we had 20 seconds to grab anything in the store to style with, put it on, and have a mini photoshoot with a polaroid camera that showcased our theme. Among the themes were “Playa del Sol” and “Wet and Wild.” My team got “Endless Summer.”

When the hosts gave the go signal, everyone rushed to the racks and hoarded bikinis and dresses! At the end of the day, I ended up buying the stash on my left arm!!!

After we styled ourselves, my team and I trekked around Nuvali to find a nice place to shoot our “campaign.”

Until we found a grassy area near a lake, that was just PERFECT.

Since everyone was shy, I acted as art director (feeling!) and suggested we do cheesy happy photos like lying down on the grass with our heads together, or doing the open mouth laugh pose while looking down at the camera. Everyone was so game! Love it!

Even if I urged everyone to give fake laughing poses, we all genuinely had fun and felt so silly while doing it!

Here are some of the shots we were able to come up with. Among 10 shots, we could only submit one. And the winner is…

Endless Summer! Our team won the styling challenge! Yaaay!

A big thanks to Roxy for that fun filled day and to Lissa and Vern for picking me up and taking me to Rockwell!!! Had fun bonding with you girls!!! See you Saturday!


3 more days til Bloggers United!

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